Another lemon

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What do they say..when life hands you lemons make lemonade? Well, the Universe gave me another lemon in the form of possibly "mono" of all things! For goodness sakes' when have I ever gotten mono? Never. I think it's a fluke. I think I've had pneumonia that hasn't gone away. Swollen lymph nodes, trouble swallowing, chills... I'm not moping. I'm a bit pissy and a bit aggravated and life is a bit on the annoying side today. I can't control these emotional outbreaks. Is this the beginning of a breakdown? I think not. It's only the beginning of my beginnings. So, I went and got my blood test from a "fill-in" tech because at midnight all the medical staff across the US will be on strike. Good thing I got my labwork in on time! You should have seen her plunge the needle in and when she yanked it out my blood went splattering on the floor. Nice! I was a tad bit concerned she had not taken blood samples before in her life. Oh well. I guess it was a good sign when she didn't laugh maniacally! Tomorrow I'll know for sure if I have "mono"...haha It's so ridiculously funny. I'm going to try to write a few pages, catch some zzzz's and figure out how to relax. My ex- tells me I'm too uptight, I love pushing buttons and I need to stop being hysterical. I'm not into hysterics. So you see, after all that time with him you'd think he'd know me. I guess no one ever will. Am I that complex a creature? Maybe that's why I can't hold a relationship. After all, a person who's been engaged as many times as I have would be considered a runaway bride...that's a whole 'nother story. Anyways, I'm going to put on my bunny slippers and curl up in a ball to watch Music & Lyrics. Ex- tells me to stop listening to that shit because it makes me depressed. I don't think Brandi Carlile's music depresses me. It rejuvenates, stimulates, and makes me aware of the realities of my life. Now, where's the damn kleenex box?!!

2 Responses to "Another lemon"

MIchelle (MG) Says :
6:58 PM

Awww, Jax - I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you. I'm sorry you're having a tough go of it. It's ok to curl up into a big ball now and then. Especially with romantic comedy. Or a romance. Or anything that makes you cry over something that has nothing to do with you. :-D

Kate Willoughby Says :
12:08 AM

I loved Music and Lyrics. That should cheer you up. If you're lke me, you'll be singing the songs afterward.

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