Off the hook!

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What can I say, I LOVE THE GOO GOO DOLLS! Johnny "cutiepie" Reznick is quite the performer! He didn't put on those leather pants I love so much, but his sexy hair and tats made up for it. The venue was the House of Blues on Sunset. I parked my car at my co-worker's friend's apartment two blocks from there and we made our trek up the hill to our destination. (From here on out she will be referred as "Lush".) We were shuffled in, weapons checked, and went straight for the bar. Cosmopolitans with bacardi lime rum...yummy start. We found some seats and parked our asses. The night started to blur when we began drinking Coronas and Fosters beer. The Fosters were 25 ounces and we had 3 of them! The appetizers were being passed around and since we were one of the only ones with a seat, we got first dibs. I guess since we were sitting behind Lori Laughlin & her fiance the designer Mossimo, they must of mistaken us for VIP. As for the apps--nothing to write home about. Vegetable eggrolls, chicken tenders, mini-cheeseburgers...boring. You'd think $400 a ticket would get you caviar and shrimp cocktails! Well at least it all went to Music for education! Love that! Fast forward to 4 hours later, the concert ended and I had to escort Lush out of the facility. We trekked up the hill and she decides to buy me a drink at Boa, this swanky steakhouse and bar lounge. We get super pricey brews and keep gabbing about life, love, relationships, work, anything gossip worthy. Once out the door she got a call from the friend who wanted some alcohol. I drag her across Sunset to a liquor store and we grab a few rather enormous beers. The clerk was cracking up since Lush had the case of the hiccups and we probably appeared tanked to him. I gave him the "I'm not inebriated, Thank you very much" face. Well, I suppose I became the designated friend dragger that night. Needless to say, I got her home safe and sound and I'm sure she continued socializing with her friend over more drinks. As for me, I drove home and kicked back with a bottle of Red. Can I remember most of the evening? Nope. But I have a hellacious hangover and (I think I'm still drunk) made it into work early. I'm a sad case and after 3 cups of strong black coffee this morning...nada. I need a bed in a bad way! Of course, you know I'm holding out on the juicy stuff...that's for me and Lush to keep to ourselves. LOL It's fun to have another single gal to hang out with. I know she's going to be trouble! Life's not so bad after all....

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