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I think that I'm going to limit my drink I say that every week?

Went to my friend's concert at the Canyon Club last night and it was great! Andy's band CHIME is super cool and the lead singer is fantastic! They're reminiscent of the Gin Blossoms and some other soft rock bands which I adore! The second show was 10 YEARS AFTER which was also great! The drummer was off the hook and did a 10 minute solo. They had played Woodstock at one time (with a new younger lead singer now) was such a fantastic evening and seeing my friends made it more enjoyable. I stuffed myself with spinach artichoke dip, fries, chicken satay and a big fat ribeye! Needless to say, the 4 glasses of White Zin did me in. I'm becoming a lightweight...! I think not drinking for a week is slowing down my alcohol tolerance. LOL

Eden and I couldn't help ourselves. We found this ginorous (yes, that is now a word in the dictionary!) red, velvet cushy chair in the corner and hopped on! I felt like Alice in Alice in Wonderland in the seat. We posed like the rock groupies we were with the CHIME bandmates, significant others, and was a blast. I haven't had so much fun in a long's good to go out on a weeknight once in a while..tonight I'm going to a farewell party for two workmates and then off to another party on the westside...I'm going to have a long weekend... paragliding, malibu arts fest, writing, laundry, websites and cleaning!!!! Yep, domesticated isn't in my vocab..but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...

More updates as they progress. Hopefully pics from my paragliding and aerial shots I plan on taking. Yippee!!!!!!!

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Eva Gale Says :
12:56 PM

I'm telling! I'm tellng!

Babe King Says :
10:07 PM

Such a life you lead! I'm living vicariously through you while I continue to look like I'm a fine upstanding woman of virtue- choke, choke. Must say, being wicked virtually is easier on the liver though. Take care. Maybe drink dandelion root in between. :-)

Bill Curd Says :
10:16 AM

Hey Jax, Thanx tons for the support and the fun at our show. I know I had a blast. Thanx for the cool comments about Chime. (and me)
You RAWK..!!!

Bill from Chime (singer)

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