Let the games begin...

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I spent three days re-aquainting myself with my brothers and their children. Haven't seen my elder siblings for about 8 years and what a difference time makes. I wasn't sure how things would go but I'm grateful I took the opportunity to see them again. It's amazing how perceptions change. My brothers and their wives were so proud of me being a writer regardless of the genre. It was embarrassing at first to admit I write erotica and although they probably won't read it they were impressed I was in print. I could tell that they realized I didn't turn out half bad. From the goth bad girl who could never do anything right to an accomplished artist. I guess things never appears as it seems and I'm glad for it. Tomorrow I'm going to the convention at last! Will be meeting up with old and new pals and spending a full week immersing myself in the industry I worked so hard to succeed in. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to get away from everyday life for a week of comraderie and binge drinking....LOL

This is also the first year Romance Divas is throwing a complete dinner bash which includes sponsorships, awards, music, dancing and FUN, diva style! We've grown so much since the first Diva Dinner and now we're up to 50 people! What will it be next year? I'm sure I'll be more prepared... maybe.

I think the future is bright for my baby organization!

I can tell you right now -- I never plan on eating (maybe not this part) or shopping again. There's a lot to be said about Asian families. My SIL's gave me one look and couldn't help feeding me non-stop, as if I was an Ethiopian orphan! I think I've gained back all of my 14 pounds in 3 days! I also spent so much money I SHOULD FEEL GUILTY!!!!! Sure I deserve to splurge but I realize it's time to buckle down and be responsible. After all, I'm suppose to be penny pinching if I want to get my new company off the ground. While I party hardy, my business partner is working hard on our current project. I feel bad for him. I will definitely toast him first chance I get when I settle down at the bar tomorrow afternoon.. Okay, everything in moderation this year. I just need to save my liver for another time. Well, it's past midnight and I really ought to be sleeping. I sat up making tees for Kristen, Lisa and myself. Of course I f--cked up my shirt on the initial one and ended up getting creative. The spur of the moment improv I re-did totally rocks! (sorry girls) However, I think the ones I made the two gals are simply DIVA-ish... :)

I'm wearing mine when I check in tomorrow....

All right, I'll report my experience if time permits...and if they don't overcharge me outrageously for internet usage! I've got a busy schedule ahead of me so I'll need the beauty sleep....

Reporting from Dallas...Jax out...

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MIchelle (MG) Says :
11:29 AM

Yay - we'll miss you but can't wait to hear the reports. :-)

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