3 AM

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....It's funny how your mind works. I couldn't sleep and finally decided to get up out of bed. I thought it was a good idea to pay my bills online. So for the past hour I've been trying to figure out what the heck I need to pay. Once I figured out how much I would have in the bank account until next paycheck...let's just say, it's pretty uninspiring. Nothing gets you going like a cabinet full of instant noodles and a refrigerator stocked with water and booze. It's very good for the whole "artist" mentality. If you can live simply, it's all the more sweeter when you make it big. NY doesn't know what'll hit them when I get my books picked up! Well, at least I'm channeling the positive energy... LOL

My characters are heartbroken. They've both been through a lot and these emotions are so strong it really gets me down. It's easy to channel everything into the story when there's a lot swirling inside. 2007 hasn't been easy, but it'll only get better. Yes, I'm optimistic things will turn around real soon. I've had a good month and I can't complain....got a lot to think about and what to focus on. This includes all the print books I'll have out. I have a book cover to do and a few web jobs to keep me busy. It's all going to be just great once I can push all those little tasks aside and finally write as much as possible. I've got to turn everything into my publisher the end of September so I need to start picking up the pace.

Well, my hero can wait one more day...yawn...I'm going to try to sleep for an hour or two before it's time to start my work day. At least I'm more involved in the design process. I can finally use my graphic design skills now that my boss has decided he wants me in the creative team...wow, what a big leap. I love presentations! Breaks up the monotony and I learn something! The position change isn't so bad after all....

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