3:20 AM

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I can't begin to tell you what kind of day I had...

The book signing was a blast! Success is measured by the way you feel when you leave. The BOOK LADIES are incredible and I suggest anyone who visits Corona to go there. It was a reason to celebrate and gave me the fire I needed to get rolling... Thanks Sherri, Jackie & Miriam!!!!

Don't get me wrong, it was the most incredibly bizarre and surreal day. From book signings to drinks at bar Marmont, the Hollywood Hills where the big Brittany melt-down fiasco occurred, to Paris Hilton...leading to a party in Encino...these things you can't make up.

All I can say is there are dirty little secrets I have to leave out in order for me to have material for my next book. I'm too numb to think and my messy bed is calling my name. I'm tucking these memories away for another day. As for next Saturday, just scored an invite to a super industry party next week...schmoozing isn't half bad in Hollywood. Who would have thunk?

All I have to say is that I am totally boycotting CHATEAU MARMONT...can you say snobbery and poor customer service skills isn't going to fly with this girl. I won't even go into that...but if you EVER decide to dine at this restaurant, I'd skip it. Who needs to go to a place where rudeness and unethical "bullshitting" tactics proves that their pretentiousness is truly a reason not to go. Spread the word...CHATEAU MARMONT doesn't deserve to stay open.

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