Price of beauty

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I'm pretty much replacing my smile.

Believe it or not I'm doing a series of jaw work that doesn't involve breaking the jaw, thank you God! So now I have to go to treatments that last 2 hours a session for a few months to correct my mis-alighned jaw. I have what they call inverted TMJ. Loads of fun. On top of that, I have to get braces!!!! No need for names folks... You can say I'm following the celebrity footsteps of getting a new smile in the name of vanity...

I am finally going to share my evenings with a hot stud, candlelight, and a good bottle of du vin...okay, not really. I'm getting the 300 DVD and I can freeze frame Gerry's torso shots...ah..the beauty of a good remote control and a nice glass of cabernet. Hey, when you're single, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get her fix in. If I had a man like that, I wouldn't let him out the door! Baby! The good news is that he won't care if I'm a slob, I work too much, talk too much, dress in funky PJs or bitch about anything and everything..he'll love me just the way I am. Now that's a great catch!

I'm suddenly craving a tub of Coffee Haggen-Dazs ice cream. Seems like no matter how much OT I make I'm still in the hole. What's up with that? California taxes, that's what! Add medical, vision, and dental and parking fees and that adds up! I have to start loading up on Top Ramen soon.

I look outside of the floor to ceiling windows of the office building and all I can do is think about laying out poolside. I need a beer. 5 PM is around the corner and soon I'll be downing some beer and wine, compliments of my company. It's the incentive to liquor you up so you're so devoted to the firm you'll work through the night. Like a hamster running around in those doo-hickie wheels...never knowing when to stop because the little carrot is being dangled in front of them. Not me, I escape right after the booze hits the table and the wine, cheese and fruit tray is laid out. I have a life, y'know.

3 Responses to "Price of beauty"

L.K. Campbell Says :
6:17 PM

I hope everything goes well for you, but of course I think you look great as you are.

Sela Carsen Says :
8:45 AM

You're so cute already, I can't imagine you getting any cuter. Enjoy 300!

jax Says :
9:57 AM

You're both sweethearts. It doesn't hurt to try to improve in every direction. I'm gearing up when I become a big celeb! LOL

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