Saturday August 11th Book Signing in Costa Mesa!

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Cassidy Kent is at it again....

I'll be signing in the Newport Beach area with 12 other authors including Sylvia Day! As I segue into my new persona of Jax Cassidy...I'll be doing a lot of last minute touring.

If you missed me in Corona, CA.. here's your chance to see me live!

New & Recycled Romances
3:00 PM
143 & 145 Broadway
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Tele: (949) 645-0529

2 Responses to "Saturday August 11th Book Signing in Costa Mesa!"

Eva Gale Says :
3:14 PM

I'm almost scared thinking what you will encounter this weekend that might top last weekend. If that is even possible.

L.K. Campbell Says :
7:17 PM

Best wishes on your signing.
Newport Beach brings back memories. It was August, and here in N.C. we were having 100 degree temps (just like today). I got out to California, and the weather was mild—in the 70s. My cousin took us to the beach, and there were all these girls running around in bikinis, and I had on long pants and a sweater. I'll bet I looked ridiculous.

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