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I have just sold a single title called ART OF SENSUALITY to Parker Publishing and it's slated for release December 2008! What does this mean? I will not be sleeping any time soon...nothing new. Between deadlines and more deadlines, the future looks....bright?? :) Certainly does.

Okay, I'm not making Nora numbers but at least it's a great prequel to what I hope is a very wonderful future as an author. As I work on my identity, my goals, my personal life...I hope to build a path to where I want my life to be...

Adversity? Pfsst...no prob. I've got it handled. I'll worry about tomorrow--tomorrow.

It's all good.

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L.K. Campbell Says :
12:04 PM

I hope all your dreams come true, Jax. You deserve to be bigger than Nora.

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