Wicked Wednesday

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Call me nuts but I'm involved in two very big fundraising efforts in the span of 2 months!


Team Freefall: Skydiving to End World Hunger

Jump set for October 2007

My team's goal is to raise AT LEAST $5000 to donate to Heifer International. My goal is to raise $500 of that portion or more. This organization uses the donations for a multitude of projects in nearly every region of the world. Most of these projects deal with donating milking livestock to needy families in third-world countries, who will subsequently donate future calves to other families and build an empowered community. Some involve building bi-national peace parks to educate farmers from both sides on working together towards better agriculture. Others involve educating young girls in Africa about HIV/AIDS.

You can donate to my fundraising efforts at DONATION PAGE

Want to know more about Heifer International?

Facts on the Team:

99% of the skydivers are first-timers who will be going tandem with Perris Valley Instructors. It is this cause that is drawing the members to take initiative to finally create that skydiving experience they've always wanted. Frankly, I think they would like to finally feel what an "airgasm" is all about.

I hope you will help me meet my goal so I can jump out of a plane at breakneck speed and scream "Bonsai!"

3 Responses to "Wicked Wednesday"

Shari Says :
12:51 AM

I have personally given many goats to third world countries!! LOL

Heifer is an org that I give to without a second thought....

Eva Gale Says :
8:54 AM

You want me to pay you to kill yourself?

jax Says :
4:13 PM

It is for a good cause people!!!

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