Conversations at noon

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I celebrated my girl friend's pre-birthday Thursday and we were discussing life, divorce, dating.. It seems like we've both came to the same conclusion as divorcees... men can be stupid. LOL

Well, let me explain. We're both not so bad on the eyes (she's blond/blue eyes/girl next door), ambitious, smart, funny, interesting women yet we cannot meet a man we connect with that will actually "see" us as we are. I guess that doesn't make sense to you, but it did to us after two glasses of wine... anyways, my point is that we meet men who find us attractive enough, but I fear these days men are intimidated by our aggressive career goals and independence. I won't lie, I've dated a few guys who would be perfect for what I'm looking for in a relationship, but they are either 'emotionally unavailable', 'trying to figure out their lives', or 'conflicted'. It makes us wonder why we would bother dating.

Ms. Chicago (aka Lush) and I are both in our mid-thirties, we feel that we are at a point where we know what we want. Maybe the men we're meeting aren't marriage material..but we're not talking marriage. We're talking just finding a kind of stable relationship that comes with learning, laughing, and maybe falling in love. Is it so hard for men to allow themselves to open up and give us a try? I find that this conversation isn't exclusive to myself and Chicago...I've talked to many many friends who are newly out of a relationship or divorced and they tell me the same thing! Dating is starting to seem overrated....

Where have all the good men gone?


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