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Seems like the more I work the more work I have. I am hoping in two weeks my schedule will finally free up and I can go on hiatus. In three weeks I'll be lounging on the Big Island holding a Mai Tai in my hand...ahhhh, the vacation I deserved five years ago. These days I'm really feeling it. Age. Mortality.

Had a relaxing time last night and uncorked a bottle of cheap White Zin and broke my Fess Parker glass! That's the second time, dammit! Well, they're gonna get an order from me. Maybe I'll take back from Hawaii some cool tiki glasses.. yeah, that would work. In reality I should invest in high end Ridell wine glasses so they don't break from the slightest tap. Oh well, live and learn.

So what is this woman listening to? I've got three songs running through my head. The first is Mandy Moore's cover of UMBRELLA by Rihanna. The second is Pink's song WHO KNEW. Lastly, Rihanna's HATE THAT I LOVE YOU...

I have a long night ahead. Didn't get to bed until 3:00 AM after my software went beserk and crashed at 2:00 AM...dead of night...I wonder if people can see the dark circles under my eyes. Yawn. I am going to be sleep deprived for a little while longer but then everything should come together...or that's what I keep telling myself.

Now, if only Prince Charming would ride through in a nice Ferarri and drive me into the sunset! LOL

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L.K. Campbell Says :
6:35 PM

Computer problems are the pits, but I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Be sure to take lots of pictures.

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