Soul Mate or Not

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As I brainstorm on my novel ART OF SENSUALITY due out in late 2008 / early 2009, I came to the conclusion that my views on soulmates have changed drastically from the views of my youth. I used to believe there was that single person out there for you. Then during my twenties I realized that there could be more than one soulmate for every person because there were certainly enough men I totally felt a sense of connection whether it was briefly or for a little while. Now, my jaded heart believes that soulmates are a lie conjured up by romantics. I have felt the energy, the draw, the attraction, etc. etc. but can a soul really match and connect? Come on folks, I think half the population settles because they don't want to be alone. Believe me, in this day and age it's easy to be lonely but then why force things when you're not ready to be with another person. I think when you can be comfortable with being alone, then you're ready to meet the right person.

Well, being single has made me view relationships as a caution to tread lightly. It's easy to get pulled in when you're at your most vulnerable. There's so many stages of hypocritical thinking while a person carries a small bit of hope that there is such a thing as a 'soulmate'. Okay, there's the lust factor, the infactuation, the obsession, the blinded by desire aspect...and so on, but is there honestly a person you would say is the ONE. You know, the person you should be with until your dying days? Or do we just settle into a routine and our minds bend to what we perceive as a good relationship, a true match. I don't think there's such a thing as a perfect relationship. I know firsthand and have seen my fair share of f--ed up relationships. Then there is the boring stable relationships.... Okay, okay. Once in a while I see two people who are mad for each other but it's hard work people to make things work. It's not a fairytale and it certainly is an eye opening experience once you've shacked up with your mate. I don't know what I'm ranting about. I think I've got off on a tangent...Where am I going? I don't know. It's going to take one very incredible man to conquer, that which is, my heart...believe me, it's decided being single isn't too bad.

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