Holiday Cheer

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Someone took a snapshot of me while everyone was on the dance floor. Notice my Cosmopolitan and a side of latte. What was I thinking? "My feet hurt and I wonder if there's any desserts left at the buffet stand."

White Elephant games... I don't want to participate. I've got invited to 5 holiday parties from different divisions in our company. Each one wants to play this damn game. Oh well. I wonder if I can not show up for that portion. I'd much rather have the free drinks and food. :) I've decided my New Year's resolution is to get in shape. No jeans are getting a little too snug for my taste. Well, what do I care? I don't have a man to please! Okay, I guess I can keep binge eating. LOL

The holidays are approaching and I'll be home for Christmas this year. Seems like forever since I went to Orlando. I'm sure it's going to be the same-o, same-o. Nothing ever changes except for more shopping malls. :) I was just thinking to myself that I'm one of those people who never decorate for any holiday. No tree, no lights, no stuffed reindeers, no eggnog.. wow, I haven't done anything festive in years! Does that make me a Scroogette? Hummm, I think I'll write that screenplay. Anywoo, my beloved forum Romance Divas is still down and my computer is still dead, and my life is in shambles...and the list goes on.

What do I hope for next year? Don't ask

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Anonymous Says :
7:20 PM

Is that THE dress? You HOTTIE, you!~


Shari Says :
11:01 PM

Count your blessings, Jax! You look HOT at that party - and I'd skip the whole gift exchange thing, too. Look at it this way... you can go and do whatever you want. Dude, one word - HEIFER. You rock! Hope your computer is fixed soon.

Albert Says :
3:38 AM


Everything would be fine if you had just bought an Apple computer instead of a pc!

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