Simple pleasures...

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I opened my eyes to darkness and the sound of the rain beating against my window. I've always loved the rhythm it makes and how comforting it can be, like the ocean waves or a flowing stream. I just buried myself underneath the warmth of the comforter, snuggling closer, debating whether to to get out of bed. In these morning hours I think of silly things, chore lists, work load and then I realize I'm wasting time just thinking. I closed my eyes and I'm too wound up to take advantage of the few hours I still have before I am supposed to wake up. It's funny how easy it's starting to feel waking up alone. Sometimes I missed the warmth of another body next to me, but each day that passes it gets easier to forget how it feels...It was lonely in the beginning but now I see the positive side of things. I can roll around in the middle of the night without kicking someone when I have bad dreams. I can get up when I can't fall asleep and make tea or sing offkey without offending anyone. I can play loud music and turn on the tv at the same time. I can do so many things because there is no one there to disturb. Maybe I should wash the dishes more often, take out the trash, do laundry, but it's all up to my own pace. Sometimes the silence fills my hours and everything comes back to me. I learn to adjust to the silence and I learn to find ways to keep busy so that I no longer need to think about those things that makes me melancholy....I sit up and listen to the rain a while and finally decide to get up and make some coffee.

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