Cuts that matter

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Here's me with my hairdresser Danelle. Isn't she a doll?! And she reads romances! I'm going to have her hooked on my stuff!!!!

Many moons ago I used to go to the top hair salons and stylists to get the right cut. Needless to say I often had my silky locks butchered by the overly creative, shear-happy stylists. I've had hairdo's ranging from the Jennifer Aniston, Selma Blair, to the Meg Ryan...yes, I've had a lot of hairstyles! Two years ago I had spent a small fortune to get my hair cut, colored and dyed by Reese Witherspoon's hairstylist. Granted I looked pretty foxy but after a few weeks it was time to go back in and maintain the style. One day I happened to pass a really cool salon tucked away in Studio City. For goodness sakes, it was a barbershop of all things! Not just any barbershop...Floyd's Barbershop had a Harley Davidson edge to it. What did I have to lose, I walked in and took one look around and loved it instantaneously. The walls were covered with posters of music albums ranging from Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, Joss Stone, to Maroon 5. The individual stylist boxes looked like mechanic's boxes and the vibe was so awesome I couldn't wait to see what the stylist could do. Of course, I figured if they butchered my hair I'd let it grow out and try again. I'm a rebel that way. :) Well, not only was the cut CHEAP, the stylists were awesome! Over time I discovered the stylists have at one time or another worked for top salons across the country and they all somehow ended up in this rugged ultra-hip shop. I've changed out 2 stylists since going there, but Danelle has been the one to keep. She gave me my first Posh/Rihanna hairdo and I couldn't believe I let her cut off all my hair for this experimentation! The results were amazing! I can't tell you how often I'm stopped in the street, in stores, or restaurants by women who ask about my hair. Okay, these days I'm growing it for Locks of Love but I do still need to get trims to get my hair to grow 10 inches before donating. I told Danelle I'd give her a plug since I'm outta LA. It's going to be sad to leave my favorite hairstylist but she knows I'll be back in LA and when I do visit, you bet I'll stop in for a cut!

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