I've come a long way, baby

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You know you've made it when Amazon features a sneak peek of your book! Okay, so it's not the most current excerpt but it does showcase the first 8 pages of my story. :) Hopefully the readers will get hooked on it and want to buy the whole darn thing. I promise you it's a fast read.

Now, how about a little promo? I suppose March 15th is my release date, the only contest I can offer is an e-book ARC of the Lotus Blossom Chronicles for those of you who want to get it before the book drops on the shelves of B&N, Borders, and Books-A-Million.. oh, BAMM has my books online as well...wow, I'm getting around. I believe B&N will have my books online in 5 short weeks. They're a little slow in getting it up...I get no love.

If you loved Cassidy Kent, you might as well throw your name into the contest pool for my ARC. Just email jaxcassidy@gmail.com and put CONTEST on the subject line and you'll be eligible for my contest and mailing list.

Now, if you love me, spread the word around..my stuff is available for PRE-ORDER!

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Anonymous Says :
7:50 PM

Woohoo YOU!

Chicken soup and sick kids here. TTL.

Eva-who can't sign into ANYTHING today-Fleurking Snit.

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