Another chance to see me...

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Hey all you Jax lovers in Florida...I'm doing another Book Signing this Saturday....come by and support me! :)

Event Date: Saturday, June 14, 2008
Time: 1:00-3:00 PM
Location: Borders, Oviedo
8285 Red Bug Lake Rd.

Moving Along...

My content edits are DONE! Woohoo! But I can't be too happy because there is one last round of edits before I can relax...just when you thought editing was over...NOT! Anyhoo, I can finally refocus on my last deadline project until a brief hiatus. Now that I'm starting a new full-time job, it's going to be a bit like the old days where sleep will no longer exist in my world. Between this 9 to 5 and all my freelance, I'm going to miss working in my PJs and making up my own daily schedule. I better take advantage of getting all my stuff done this weekend. Maybe I'll go watch the Incredible Hulk. Who can resist Edward Norton? Hubba hubba. There's just something so awesomely sexy about him and I can't really explain it..but Gerry will always be my first love :P

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Eden Bradley Says :
12:55 AM

Wish I could be there!

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