A book teaser for you...

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I just wanted to say there sure is a lot of incredible talent out there! The song I used is by an artist I stumbled across from Garage Band. This musician is Pamela Martin, and her voice is so soothing...I just wanted to give her a big plug...I hope it gets her some more interest...

6 Responses to "A book teaser for you..."

Lillian Feisty Says :
10:14 AM

Wow, that's gorgeous. You are one talented lady!

11:34 AM

So beautiful!!

L.K. Campbell Says :
4:24 PM

That's beautiful, Jax.

jax Says :
4:30 PM

Awwww, you girls are swell! I loved putting it together. I am glad you could appreciate it :)

Albert Says :
1:59 AM

The delicious mixture of song and images has me seething with anticipation... please make me wait no longer for this book or I will explode!

jax Says :
10:12 AM

Thanks Albert! I will let you seeth and anticipate until November when my book is out. Coming from such an accomplished artist as yourself, thanks for the compliment! :)

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