Case of the BLAHs

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I've been in this serious slump. I'm really late on this proposal I'm putting together and I've got a series of deadlines...2 books and 3 websites to build. You'd think I'd get in the zone and just do it...but lately it seems a little tricky. Sometimes you tell yourself you're going to wake up and get started at 6:00 AM but it's easier said than done. These days I've been rolling out of bed around 8:00 AM with more sleep than my usual 2 hours a night due to no day job, however, the pressure of freelance work is much worse than a day job, plus writing deadlines, plus additional side projects... Maybe it's the heat getting to me. Maybe my muse ran away from me. Sigh...can someone pass me theirs for a few weeks so I can get on with my writing career? Pretty please.

On a good note: I'm really looking forward to the RWA Conference and I have a lot of things I plan on doing in San Francisco but won't divulge the details until I return. There's always pictures. I get to see my friends and I'll surely be inspired from being surrounded by over 3,000 women at this writer's convention. You know, the best part of all this is the book signings. I love meeting my readers and I hope that I will have readers! LOL -- Authors always fear they won't sell and it's a good thing I've got friends who will be there to mop up my tears! Think positive, think positive... LOL

Okay, time to get serious...

**Jax rolls up her sleeves, cracks her knuckles and gets into writing mode**

4 Responses to "Case of the BLAHs"

Portia Da Costa Says :
3:07 AM

I get those feelings too, Jax. And it's awful, isn't it? I call mine 'writer's bleugh'...

Really looking forward to meeting you at RWA. I'm sure we'll both come away from the conference fired up and inspired! :)

jax Says :
9:14 AM

Oh, not only will we be fired up and inpired...we're going to cause a lot of havoc and mayhem!

I can't wait to see you and be prepared for all the craziness that belongs to the Divas! You won't crave sleep like you do while you're there!:)

Kelly Gay Says :
9:35 AM

I hear ya. It's really hard to have the same kind of discipline when you're working for yourself versus working in the work force. I bet Nationals will really fire you up and you'll come home with all sorts of crazy motivation!

jax Says :
10:54 AM

I've decided to prioritize. I've created a spreadsheet to track my work progress and focus on solid personal deadlines. I figured that if I'm going to be serious about getting my proposal out before conference...then I need to buckle down. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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