Up, up, and away...

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Finally headed to San Fran! Can't wait to see everyone there and will try my best to post pics or Podcast from the conference if I have time... from the looks of my schedule so far, I'll be lucky if I get to sleep!

See you in a week! :)

3 Responses to "Up, up, and away..."

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
7:16 PM

Have fun in San Fran!I'm back from Vacation but will be heading out again in August will call you when I get back.

Katie Reus Says :
2:00 PM

If for some reason you get to meet Lisa Marie Rice and you happen to think of me, I want a signed copy of one of her books....any one, I don't care. I'll sell you my kidney....hee hee, have fun chica :) (I would say I'm kidding about the kidney, but, um, yeah, I'm not.)

Shari Says :
1:07 AM

missing you this year...

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