Buckle up, you're in for a ride...

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Getting back to writing is a slow process. How does one settle back into a writing routine after a week long conference FunFest with pressures of deadlines looming ahead? Well, frankly, there's no choice. As a writer who is committed to turn in a manuscript to her publisher, you just have to conquer those little hurdles. I recall those days when I longed to become published so bad I had sacrificed outings, week night indulgences, and weekend excursions because I was determined to make it. Now that I have a handful of print books and 7 novellas out, it still amazes me to see my accomplishments in such a short amount of time. Holding my books or receiving incredible fan mails, I feel totally blessed. Of course there are days when the creativity is stifled and I'm frustrated that everything sounds like crap, but once I get started, I can feel the fire burning inside of me. Every story is a new adventure and I write it with the same passion and heart that I've felt since my first project. Every story is my favorite story and I believe that every one after that will continue to hold the same love.

Why do you write? If you're in it for the money, believe me, there's a long road ahead of you. If you're in it for the love, then you might discover that strength you've never known you possessed.

Why do I write? Because every time I meet a reader who is enthusiastic about my writing and can share with me the very reasons why they love my story, characters, message...I feel like I have already succeeded. Thank you.

**Breaking News**

I was just notified that my poem "LOVE SLAVE" will be featured in the anthology compilation of COMING TOGETHER: AT LAST that will be available in e-book and print through Phaze Publishing! More details to come in the near future. Proceeds of this book goes to charity--I am also excited to announce that a very well-known author will be doing a forward for the book!!!! YAY!

6 Responses to "Buckle up, you're in for a ride..."

Robin Says :
10:50 AM

Congrats on your poem! That's wonderful. :) And I'm having a hard time getting back into the groove of writing myself. It doesn't help that the boys are still on summer break, and I don't have much time during the day, but I'll get there!

Happy writing!

Dara Edmondson Says :
10:56 AM

WTG on the poem. I've had a hard time all summer with writing, but with kids going back to school in a week, I'll get right back into my old routine (hopefully!)

jax Says :
12:27 PM

I wish we could snap our fingers and creativity just pops out...but hey, we all gotta get past it somehow. I have so much to do that I'm kind of going out of my head! LOL

Abi Says :
2:26 PM

Congrats Jax! I started a new project and am having a hard time getting into it. Today was a better writing day though so hopefully it will pass soon.

Kristen Painter Says :
2:53 PM

Congrats on the poem! You're a writing dynamo!

Saskia Walker Says :
4:26 PM

Many congrats, Jax! We're in there together. I'm getting all warm and fuzzy... ;-)

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