Paris, me manque...

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When I think of Paris, my heart skips a beat and all the memories come rushing back. I have been in love with the City of Light since I was a little girl filled with dreams of becoming an artist. Even then, I knew what I wanted to do. Of course, being an artist extended to more than just encompassed writing, film, and music.

Since my current proposal is set in Paris, it was only fitting to walk down memory lane. It's been a few years since I've last visited but I can close my eyes and remember every vivid detail. From the smells, to the sounds, to the taste...I can conjure up the experience without faltering. Some things you can't erase no matter how long it's been. I'm sure much of the city has changed over the years and perhaps the restaurants and bars I've frequented have moved or shut down, now replaced by new architecture and ambiance...yet I'm certain if I were to return, I would be equally impressed by the view.

Winters in Paris were the highlight of my stay there. I loved those long walks along the streets leading to Tour Eiffel, Eiffel Tower. Lights were strewn in the bushes, around trees, along lamp posts and you knew this would lead up to a festive holiday season. It's not considered the most romantic city for nothing. The vibe totally morphs into something so beautiful and what you feel can never be bottled up because it's intangible, priceless—you need to experience it for yourself. I can smell the sweetness of the coffee, can imagine how every cappuccino or espresso I've downed still tastes like because every cup was a perfect one. Yes, that alone was a drug...

What's not to love about Paris? Seriously. From the haute couture to the incroyable musee, you can never grow bored of what this city has to offer. On weekends it was fun to take the bullet train to the countryside and bathe in the beauty of the landscape. There's an old world appeal mixed with the modern sophistication that reels you in and I can't recall not loving anything I've seen. Even the dirtiest of arrondissements, sections of Paris, could not make me love it any less. It's an eye opening adventure and knowing what exists outside the city limits and knowing how easy it is to visit other European countries—the sensations could often appear sensual, exotic...erotic. Being in Paris makes you feel beautiful. It's a state of mind and no wonder it's considered "Naughty Paris".

Just thinking about Paris makes me feel warm all over. Living there was a dream come true. Those were the best days of my life and someday soon, I'll be back for a visit. Maybe even purchase a little place of my own to build new memories....

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Kelley Nyrae Says :
12:10 PM

I'd love to go some day.

jax Says :
11:16 AM

Someday you will! It is worth the journey... :)

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