Rhythm of the Falling Rain

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Breaks are the best time to do some daydreaming, better yet, do something fun to get your mind off of writing and deadlines. I normally surf Flickr for some inspiration. Let me tell you, I love that site! I'm inspired by how many amazing photographers there are out there. Some of the pictures have often left me breathless, and a little envious. I've had dreams of setting up a photography studio in my home and someday it'll happen...but for now, I will just settle for part-time experimentation. I'm still considered an amateur but I plan to make up for lost time. This hobby has never died for me and I hope someday I'll be able to do a showing. I might just work on it and see what I can come up with. Until then, I'm just going to tinker around and continue stalking the photographers I am obsessed with...

Okay, I hope to show you my progres as I learn and grow...

This is my first attempt at making photography an art.

I call this Mona Retro. Thanks Julie & Scott for loaning me your cat. She's just gorgeous! :)

Now I'm going to turn off the lights and stare out the window at the rain. It's so beautiful and the sound always brings a calming peace in me. I'm going to take five.

2 Responses to "Rhythm of the Falling Rain"

Abigail Says :
12:53 PM

Mona Retro How chic. Luv the pic of Mona, she is beautiful. BTW Sprocket says she is jealous!

jax Says :
8:29 AM

I love Sprocket! The next time I see her I will take her picture and beautify it... LOL

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