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SQUEE! Let's celebrate! I'm in the mood to give away a great prize to celebrate my first single title release of ART OF SENSUALITY!

You could win all this...
**Keep in mind this is a mock up image. Some of the prizes are not shown or may be not the brand listed. Either way, I guarantee you'll love the giveaway and additional items I'll include!**

2. Sweet Couture / Under My Spell pack (body wash, massaging soap, body lotion, body mist, body powder)
3. Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates
4. Artist's bag
5. Artist tools (pens, pencils, watercolors, paper, etc.)
6. Original Artwork by Jax Cassidy
7. Secret bonus item(s)

How to play, all you have to do is add a comment on my BLOG telling me 'why you should win' to be eligible or email: jaxcassidy @

**International winners are only eligible for an electronic ARC of AOS and/or LBC and a gift certificate from Amazon.**

Subject line: AOS ARTIST'S BAG

Winners will be announced at the end of the month HERE!


My author copies arrived today..RELEASE DAY..and I'm so estatic I couldn't help screaming. I guess it's one of those things that can't be helped. There's nothing more beautiful in seeing your work in print. I smelled the pages...fresh off the my hands. I feel like it's Christmas and this overwhelming sense of happiness is going to take a while to fade...

Now I'm my book at your local bookstore? If it is, email me a photo of you and the book or my book on the bookshelf and I'll post it up! Send it to jaxcassidy @ :)

12 Responses to "ART OF SENSUALITY :: Artist's Bag Giveway"

Jeannie Says :
8:55 AM

Why should I win? Because I got here first! Ha!

I loved the opening excerpt of this story. It's so beautifully written. Plus the goodies you've put together are just too tempting.

Congrats on the release and the exquisite cover!


Crystal Jordan Says :
9:23 AM

I should win because you love me and you want to give me the awesome goodies.

Jen Says :
11:01 AM

I should win because I have been living at my parents house for the last 6 months with my husband while our new apartment is being built. That's right, six months at parent's house = no sensuality. :(

So please take pity on me and my husband. Our apartment closes on Dec. 1st and we could both use a little sensuality then! LOL.

aprilm Says :
12:02 PM

Do I have to say why I deserve to win???? UM... because... um...

OK... I deserve to win because I really, really want the goodies :>!!!!

Besides that book bag will look totally awesome when I start going to book signings and out and about in my home town.

Then there's the grandeour of winning something...

Oh. OK.. I just want the prizes, now... What kind of gentle persuasion is required here?

I have weapons you know. And I'm not afraid to use 'em. There's the rubber chicken, a barbie doll leg...

Oh, oh... Rope!!! I found rope!

Ah man, it's only about 2 inches long. Can't hardly tie up a mouse with that, let alone dainty Jax.


I guess I'll just have to win on my own merits and copious amounts of begging.... PLEASE!!!! (Down on hands and knees)

LOL... Anyway, congratulations on your release!

jax Says :
12:05 PM

You gals are cracking me up! Let's see if my nephew can be persuaded easily...Heck, I wish I could win the prizes. Looking at them makes me want to just keep the goodies!

Katie Reus Says :
1:05 PM

Sweet swag!! Don't enter me though b/c you know I'm gonna be buying your book anyway ;) Just wanted to stop by and say hi!

Abigail Says :
1:10 PM

I wanna win!!!!!

Kissa Starling Says :
5:10 PM

I've read this book and it is totally awesome. I think everyone in the world should go out and buy a copy this evening- and that's why I should win because word of mouth is the best advertisement! hee hee


Mia Rose Says :
5:43 PM

Happy Official Release Day!!
Congrats Love!

B&N can simply not ship fast enough.
Anyways, I'm officially back home and catching up on my e-mails and friends, so I of course had to come by and say hi.

Oh, and I think I should win the AOS goodies because I have yet to get any autographed/original Jax loving. Come on now...

Anonymous Says :
12:48 PM

I can't wait to get my hands on your new book....Super excited!

from ILL

Kwana Says :
2:30 PM

Jax, Congratulations. Scream away!!

Hmm, why should I win? Because I've been married for 19 years. Eek. That's a looooog time. I can uses some new tips;)

Tatianna Banuelos Says :
3:43 AM

do you still have the sweet couture gift set?

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