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They say you need a vacation after a vacation and that's SO true! I just got back late last night and I can't seem to get back into the groove. I've been busy working on web updates and haven't even unpacked. The last time I took a trip it took me a full 3 weeks to unpack my suitcase. I'm a sad case! As most of you know, I'm moving...well, in the next month or so I'll be climbing onto a U-haul and taking myself to cowboy country. YeeHaw! Originally I was going up North but things changed, as usual, and I'll be owning a pair of cowgirl boots in no time at all. In the meantime, I'm trying to repress the urge to jump up and down because my book ART OF SENSUALITY will be out in 6 days! But apparently it's already available on Amazon...WOOHOO! I'm going be doing a HUMUNGOUS giveaway in honor of my first single title release with Parker Publishing. Feel free to ORDER my book on Amazon! :)

A BIG THANK YOU to the reviewers for taking time out to read and write beautiful reviews of my book...

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Kelley Nyrae Says :
5:25 PM

Huge congrats on Art of Sensuality. I can't wait to read it.

jax Says :
8:22 AM

Thanks Kelley! You're a sweetie. Although, you've got some pretty good books coming out soon yourself... :)

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