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No, I'm not running a campaign...but one of the review sites is offering free promo to the author who wins this contest. Go HERE and vote for ART OF SENSUALITY. It takes two seconds and I won't feel like such a dud with no votes! :)

So I'm one to google myself to see if there are any book reviews I've submitted and didn't get notification on...and on one such occasion I came across a really nasty post in some forum about me. This person sounded like a total vindictive, paranoid, and vicious person who just wanted to target me because they thought they were entitled to. So they said a lot of mean things without really even knowing me. I know that when I'm pissed off about someone, I email or confront them in a professional manner. Okay, I was ticked off that they were bashing me, then they bashed my books and told everyone not to buy my books. I think it's petty and immature, frankly. I am probably one of the nicest person anyone's ever met. I'm not saying I'm flawed--contrary, I'm completely flawed, but I wonder what goes into the mind of a person who is so filled with hate. So filled with anger that they forget to stop to think that what they are truly upset about is that I might be right. I'm not naming names and I'm not saying where I found this 'Jax bashing' but I was furious, then I felt sorry for them. I think that people often forget that there are millions and millions of people in the world that may have the same talents or even surpass us in the talent department, but we can't lash out on one person and not investigate into a hundred others who are capable of doing the same thing we do. I think they think too highly of themselves if they believe they are the ONLY one capable of doing what they do. I guess it bothered me because there is always someone out there ready to bring you down to their level. There's always someone out there ready to rain on your parade in whatever stage of your life. It's sad. For me, I try to let it roll off my shoulders. I try to step away from angry confrontations because it's not worth the effort and energy to go back and forth on things I find ridiculous. I'm a fair person and I know that you can hate me all you want -- but my advice is the next time someone truly want to lash out at me, they should look at their own reflection in the mirror because I'm not going to allow them to let anger consume me. I've got other important things to do with my life than stew on the unimportant things!

4 Responses to "Vote for me..."

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
7:44 PM

I can only say that there will all ways be people who hate. You must be doing something right if people are willing to expend that kid of energy to try and pull you down. to quote Jill Scott, "Go 'Head And Hate On Me Hater. I'm Not Afraid Of what I Gotta To Pay For.You Can Hate On Me."
hope it helps!

jax Says :
7:57 PM

Thanks Chudney. I know I shouldn't care, but it's hard not to when people assume the worst without the full details. Thanks for the quote! It's a good one :)

Katie Reus Says :
11:23 AM

People are a**holes. And it seems the internet is just a breeding ground for them. It's like this weird phenomena how people turn quite brave behind their computer. Like Chudney said, you must be doing something right ;) They're just hating on your success! Don't let some faceless stranger get you down! They're actually telling people not to buy your books? Seriously, that reeks of immaturity and jealousy.

Abigail Says :
6:48 PM

Brush it off Hon! Mean people are just not worth the aggravation. You are so much better than that!

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