Mon Coeur...

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Once in a lifetime you meet 'the one' and you just know it's right. Today is MonCoeur's B-day and I like to tease him because he's a whole 4 years older. It's funny how when you least expect love to knock on your door, it happens. You don't know why your heart chooses the one, but it knows.

This one's a keeper. He's my Prince Charming, he's my life jacket, he's the reason why I've stayed on track. Without meeting him, I would have never known what love was all about. Sure, I've thought I'd fallen in love many times before but when it truly happens, the world spins, my heart races, all I can think about is his kisses and I just know I want to spend the rest of my life with this one person who makes me feel whole. Even now, when I think of him, I have an overwhelming sense of happiness. I won't lie, I've snagged the Best of the Best...he has shown me that Chivalry isn't lost--because every day his love is unwavering and he is the most thoughtful, romantic, and strong man I've ever met. We're a perfect match. He keeps me balanced and he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world....without him, the stories I write about would not have so much meaning. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

On this day, we're miles apart but he knows that it won't be long before we're together and then, I'll have that happily-ever-after.

Je t'aime, Mon Coeur! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Coincidentally, he share's the same birthday with my dear friend Bruno...Bon Anniversaire! Hope you had an awesome celebration! If I were there I'd make you a homemade chocolate cake...just how you like it!! :)


How did I forget a shot out to my girl Gemma Halliday! Hope you got lots and lots and lots of cool shoes! Three of my favorite people were born on the same day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but I did get to tell you on time :P

6 Responses to "Mon Coeur..."

Abigail Says :
6:15 PM

Happy Birthday Mr. Jax!

Michelle (MG) Braden Says :
11:22 PM

Happy Birthday, T! I loved meeting you in SFO and the joy that lit Jax's face pretty much the whole time, made your love evident and really spoke about the kind of guy you are. Hope you have a wonderful day knowing that soon the distance between you and Jax will be minimal.

Bruno Bellamy Says :
4:07 AM

Hey ! Happy birtdhay Mr Prince Charming ! :)
Mmmmmh, chocolate... yummy ! ;)

Kelley Nyrae Says :
9:16 AM

What a beautiful post, Jax. I'm so glad you found your hearts match. Happy birthday to him!

Kelly Gay Says :
12:42 PM

(((happy hugs))) I'm so glad you found The One. You deserve Prince Charming and all the happiness he/the relationship brings.

And happy birthday to him! :)

jax Says :
3:39 PM

Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm sure he's blushing that I'd even mention him. I needed to let him know how important he is to me :)

Bruno...I know how addicted you are to chocolates! Who can forget!

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