Research and Life

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I've been so immersed in Italy and can't seem to deviate from my current project. I'm so in love with Tuscany, the countryside, the wine, the food, the language. I've spent hours reading up on this delicious region of Italy and brainstorming as I go. My mind has formulated a strong storyline and engaging fictious cast of characters. The more I think about this project the more I am excited about seeing this story completed.

Of course, my obsession always stems from some sort of avoidance. You see, although this story has been swirling around in my imagination for a long while...I couldn't fully put a finger on the element of the storyline that was missing. Yesterday, everything clicked. It started out as a fantastic morning filled with good news and then ended with a phone call...a dear family friend passed away right before Christmas...of course, sorrow is something really hard to express and as human beings we tend to either hold it inside or openly grieve. For me, I am one to try to be strong and close myself off to grieve alone.

It got me thinking about life and death. As much as I am saddened, I'm choosing to celebrate the life of this incredible person...remembering all the wonderful things that made him well-loved...and knowing that he will always be alive in my heart...

...and that got me thinking...this story encompasses the emotion of death in two parts. It also focuses on life and re-birth. My stories often showcase characters that have suffered and have grown from their experience. In this particular project, my heroine is strong and views death in a way that changes the lives of everyone around her. I've already started writing the first chapter and I think this is like nothing I've ever written before. Same voice, different mood, and a love story that isn't just contained to the hero and's much more.

4 Responses to "Research and Life"

Kristen Painter Says :
12:33 PM

Sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Cool news about the new inspiration tho!

Mia Rose Says :
4:16 PM

Okay, first and foremost: I'm so sorry to hear about the family friend. I wholly agree with the outlook of celebrating the person.

Secondly, you make me want to read the book already. It sounds so fantastically deep and thoughtful. I'm really excited for you.

And I'd send up a mental thanks to your friend who sounds like he's keeping watch over you and your muse.

Lots of Love - and I want to hear more about Texas hunny! I'm so jealous! :)

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
8:39 PM

So sorry to here about your friend.

It seems like your settling in though, glad to here your muse didn't pack up and leave.

jax Says :
4:08 PM

K., thanks chica...I hear you're pretty inspired lately...

Gotta give you smoochies Mia. Thanks for boosting the writing ego. I've been really impressed with myself...I see my writing grow and it makes me proud I stuck to it. I just purchased a few wine bible books and cook books to help with the research!

Chudney, the muse has been really good to me. I hope yours has too!

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