Shredding the Past

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I brought 60+ boxes on my move and the past few days I've been shredding. I've filled up 2 whole trash bags so far and still have a few more boxes to go through. As far as clothes, I have enough to fill a department store. I am trying to clear the living room as fast as I can so when we get the furniture, it will actually look like a nice place. I think packing was less painful than the unpacking. Sigh.

I have watched 5 movies so far and 2 being Nora Roberts book adaptations: Montana Sky and Angels Fall -- they were decent films but if you ask me, Lifetime did a wonderful job with Jane Porter's Flirting with Forty. Just sayin'

I hear Ms. Roberts opened a B&B called Inn Boonsboro. Call me a dork but I kinda want to go check it out and her little bookstore, Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe. I'm not one of those fanatical fans of NR, but I do enjoy a few of her books. The headhopping kills me but her heroines are always so tough, smart, and amazing. She has a way with characters that are engaging. I loved her three sister's trilogy and the book The Three Fates. Actually, that was the first book I ever read of hers three years ago. I am guilty to say I haven't read that many, but I respect her and she's really rather approachable in person. Of course, who wouldn't want to be NR. She's on top in the romance publishing world and you can only respect and be in awe of her. So of course, when I heard they are making 4 more adaptations of her books, I am curious to see how they'll turn out.

After all, I plan on having movies made from my books will happen! :)

Now I'm inspired again. Will have to write should do it too!

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Kwana Says :
10:48 AM

Oh the organizing after a move. I'll admit 3 years later and I still have boxes in my basement. i just gave up.

~tivi jones Says :
1:07 PM

Jax, it WILL happen!!

I think I may have to pack up some of my stuff in my home. My husband and I are thinking about getting a pet...and I'll have to make room for the little bugger.

Kristen Painter Says :
2:38 PM

Yep, I totally need to get writing.

Louisa Edwards Says :
9:56 AM

Nora's awesome, very down to earth. And I've loved so many of her books--if you liked Three Sisters, you'd probably love the Key Trilogy, the Circle Trilogy, and the new one. Those are all more paranormal. Personally, I can't get enough of the Chesapeake Bay series, although The Villa is probably my all-time fave.

Kelley Nyrae Says :
10:57 AM

Want to know a secret???

I've never read a Nora Roberts book. Not sure how that happened. I need to!

jax Says :
12:50 PM

Kwana - if I can finish unpacking, so can you! Even 3 years later!

Tivi - I'm hoping the cosmic energy of your words will manifest itself. :)

Kristen - No Excuse! Get writing!

Louisa - I loved the Villa. I will try to read those trilogies you mentioned but I will do it some day.

Kelley! I learned about NR a little late but I really believe you'll like the Sister's Trilogy! Ask me about them. :)

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