A Texas Girl Now!

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Yeehaw! We made it into Texas late last night and would have gotten here sooner if not for the false alarm of a severe thunder watch (brewing hail storm) in Alabama. We stayed at a hotel in Pensacola, the longest freakin' stretch before exiting Florida, to avoid any road hazards since the moving truck was towing a car carrier which was practically the size of a semi! The road trip was actually fun and there was plenty of roadkill to count along the 18-20 hour drive...one in which I never plan on repeating for a long time! I will upload pictures once my desktop is up and running in my office. I'm currently on my baby pink Aspire mini--an awesome Christmas gift, I might add-- and too lazy to connect my digital camera. In fact, I'm too lazy to do a lot of things because I really need the R&R. We won't have full internet services until the end of the week or early next week, but I'm borrowing connection from the neighbors for the day...ahem...

I left warm, sunny weather and stepped right into icy cold front which requires insulated boots and bundling up. This morning I thought I'd take a ride through the town but one foot outside I was running back into the warmth of my home. Well, the trees are basically sporting ice formations outside my window, bare and beautiful even though it's been rainy and overcast all day. However, I am nice and snug under the blankets and ready for a nap. It's so beautiful at my new place and I plan on taking pics once we have furniture and my office is presentable. I'm estatic about decorating but I'm anxious to get started with my writing again. I've done a little brainstorming on the ride so I'm all jazzed up. I know there's a lot of work ahead of me in 2009 and it's already starting off with a bang!

Mr. Right tells me I'm a Texas girl now..but I say I'm still an LA girl at heart! I'm sure in time I'll be comfortable in the cowgirl boots but miracles doesn't happen overnight! LOL -- Well, I have a new home, new deadlines, and plenty of things to keep me busy the next few months...better get started.

I'll be back soon to keep you entertained...can't wait to have a sip of my Chai latte...

9 Responses to "A Texas Girl Now!"

Kwana Says :
2:06 PM

Howdy Texas Girl! Congrats on the move. I'm sure you'll be the chicest cowgirl on the ranch.

Kristen Painter Says :
2:18 PM

I can't wait to see you in cowboy boots! Glad you made it there safe and sound. Tell "him" I said hi.

Anonymous Says :
3:54 PM

glad to know the move went smooth and safe. I know its bitterly cold here in Bowie today, could of done without the freezing rain

Abigail Says :
7:24 PM

I'm so glad you and Mr. Right made it Texas safely. I miss you already. Tell him I said hello and I'll talk to you soon!

Kelley Nyrae Says :
7:55 PM

Yay. So happy you made it to Texas. Where about are you? I used to live outside of Houston when I was younger.

Ember Says :
6:09 AM

Florida misses you.

Glad you made it safe!

~tivi jones Says :
9:32 AM

Yeee-haw! Get some BBQ while you're there!

I love your blog and finally decided to post a comment, after lurking around for a while.


Karen Erickson Says :
1:35 PM

Happy to hear you made it ok! :)

jax Says :
2:03 PM

Thanks for the 'howdy' greetings :)

Tivi -- glad you finally de-lurked!

I'm still trying to stay sane because we have two more days to empty out the moving truck..that goes along with my next post!!!!

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