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Today, I couldn't think of anything clever to write so I'm doing a bunch of ramblings, plugs, and stuff...just like the title suggests:

1. Well, the end is near and I'm lagging around at 3rd place for the Whipped Cream poll...if you love me, you should vote for my book HERE! Remember, you can only vote once. :) Psssst. Tell all your friends about me....

2. Maya Banks is our first guest blogger at HOOKED ON ROMANCE and she's got a juicy excerpt of her release Amber Eyes.

3. Larissa Ione has made ME her new hero! Wow, I'm speechless!

4. I'm on Season 3 of THE PRETENDER and I can admit I have an addiction...more please, more!

5. My inner self has told me to stop taking on new projects yet I can't help myself. Right.

6. What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? I will be visiting my family so I'll be missing Cupid's festivities. BTW, my friend Gwen Hayes's ebook OH GODDESS is out and all proceeds go to Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis. If you haven't purchased it, it's so funny you'll spit out your drink. Er, maybe I am speaking from experience.

7. I've got an audition tomorrow for a national print ad and next week I have an audition for the new Leo DiCaprio movie. Just trying new things.

8 Responses to "Ramblings, Plugs, and Stuff"

Gwen Hayes Says :
7:53 PM

looks like I owe you a drink.

~tivi jones Says :
8:57 PM

Go Jax! Good luck on your auditions!

(I voted for you!)

Jax Cassidy Says :
9:49 AM

Yes you do Gwennie! I spit my soda all over my shirt. LOL

Hope you sold bunches!

Thanks Tivi, I'm really nervous!

Robin Says :
10:45 AM

Good luck, Jax! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! You so amaze me with all that you do. Hugs!

Mia Rose Says :
2:30 PM

Jax, lover... is there anything you can't do??
lol, I'm serious. But I do wish you great luck in any and EVERY new project you take on against your better judgement.
I need to run on over to yours and Nikki's new blog! I'm so excited! *delayed reaction, I know... but what else is new?*

Abigail McKenley Says :
4:00 PM

Good luck today Jax! We are so proud of you!

Jax Cassidy Says :
6:12 PM

Thanks. I think the casting went well but I don't think I got the part.. I won't know for a week or two. It appears I may look too young for my age! :P

Kelley Nyrae Says :
4:10 PM

Good luck, Jax. How exciting.

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