Spring Fever

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Well, not the kind that involves drunken parties on a sandy beach either. Ever since the weather change I've been under the weather...so don't feel like doing much except popping in movies. I recently watched Australia and Hugh made me feel happy for a few short hours...sigh. He's so delish with his shirt off..and the accent makes me swoon.

If you've never seen Australia, it's so beautifully filmed and makes you want to go there. I wasn't sure I wanted to see it since I'm not a big Nicole Kidman fan, but I'm glad I did. It was, in fact, a romance. Even though it was a bit long, I really enjoyed it! Baz Luhrman is just a genius when it comes to creating visually appealing and quirky elements...although, I have to admit I was a bit confused at the tone in the beginning of the film. It started off campy and humorous like his musicals, but ended up being dramatic, heartfelt, and romantic...sometimes you just gotta see the movie because trailers are so misleading. However the marketing direction studios usually push for never does the film justice, which is a shame. I used to hang out with one of my good friends who did movie trailers and you wouldn't believe how they would showcase a women's drama into a comedy, a thriller into a horror, etc. It's so weird. I guess they assume people won't go if it's not in line with the current trends. Now everything is copycatting the 'Twilight' trend...movie business is so fickle! Sometimes the marketing teams aren't very effective but they're so hellbent on getting viewers in that they manipulate the marketing--and when it fails, usually the whole team is fired. I've seen it happen. Those are tidbits I picked up in my film days. LOL

Okay, I'm going to watch "Rachel Getting Married"...I figured I'd give it a shot.

5 Responses to "Spring Fever"

Kelly Gay Says :
2:52 PM

Ooh, this one is on my list... I luvs me some Hugh. :D

Kristen Painter Says :
2:57 PM

We just watched Australia and it was great! Long, but really, really good. Especially the shirtless part. LOL

Jax Cassidy Says :
3:05 PM

I had to freeze frame on the shirtless part for inspiration...yummmmmmmy...sigh.

Kwana Says :
4:49 PM

I hope you feel better soon. I really liked Australia too and Rachel Getting Married. Anne Hathaway rocked that roll.

Abigail McKenley Says :
9:46 PM

Loved Australia! How was 'Rachel Getting Married'?

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