Good Friday

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It will be after I make my rum cake, that's for sure!

You see, I decided to finally do my taxes before I missed the April 15th deadline. Of course, I hate doing taxes so Mr. Right did mine for me. YAY! Somehow I prayed I wouldn't owe...especially because I made less than I made since middle school working for a fast food chain...unfortunately, this year I owed as much as I did last year which was a huge chunk... **cries**

Like most authors or freelance artists, we tend to forget to put money aside from our earnings. Last year I worked in corporate for 2 months then I moved temporarily to Florida. That's when I decided to write full-time and do freelance graphic design work when the economy was starting to drop. I love being able to write and work from home, which is at total dream, however, freelance doesn't include tax deductions...which I should have known better and put at least 25% aside on every job...but I didn't. Mostly because I needed to pay bills and still have enough to live on. Oh, believe me, I've budgeted. 50% of my earnings go toward things I need to purchase for my freelance jobs, promo, and all that stuff. I basically have to pay for things upfront and out-of-pocket which doesn't always get reimbursed by the client. Okay, maybe I'm just too nice and under charge my clients but I have that mentality where I'm overly sympathetic. Anyways, enough about that... :(

So now my chances of saving to attend conference is gone, thanks to the IRS. However, if I should miraculously sell something in the next few months, I will be going to conference and hopefully will have a hotel to sleep at! LOL -- but I'm not holding my breath. I'm one of those authors on the cusp of something good...but I can say I've learned a lot about sacrifice and staying level-headed this year. Seriously, I should be close to a total breakdown, but I'm happier than I've ever been and even though the going has gotten tough...I do have a lot of faith that something good is coming around the corner...

On this Good Friday, I wish everybody much love, happiness, and all things beautiful for you and your loved ones. If I am the 1%, during these hard times, who is filled with optimism, I truly hope that it's enough light that will keep all our spirits up. To me, I see these challenges as a learning experience and one I will never ever ever repeat...not if I can help it!

8 Responses to "Good Friday"

Rhonda Stapleton Says :
11:32 AM

((hugs)) a wonderful good Friday to you too! And sorry about the taxes--blech. But here's hoping for another sale soon!!

Louisa Edwards Says :
11:33 AM

I feel in my bones, you will SELL and come to conference to see us! Fingers crossed so hard...

Kristen Painter Says :
12:25 PM

I'm going to start praying extra hard for you. Taxes suck, but at least you got yours done.

Jax Cassidy Says :
12:26 PM

Thanks for the prayers and virtual hugs. I'm actually feeling good and I know it's all in the stars...I just have to be there when the burst into celebratory flames!

Maria Geraci Says :
4:05 PM

Jax, I just found out we owe too. Boo! I hate the IRS!
I'll keep my fingers crossed that you sell. And sell big!!

Kwana Says :
5:09 PM

I'm wishing all the best to you too. I'm in the same conference boat. I'm so happy I won a download on hooked on romance though. I guess I'll go play the lotto now. if I win we can both go and live it up big!

Jax Cassidy Says :
6:14 PM

You're a sweetheart, Kwana! Maybe I should play lotto too. It will increase our odds and if we win, you can live it up with me at conference! :)

Kelly Gay Says :
8:35 PM

Throwing in my *fingers crossed* for some GREAT things to happen (and, um, cus I want to see you at conference!) :D

Happy Easter, Jax!

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