Happy Earth Day!

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Today is the day in which the world becomes more conscientious of our Mother Earth and what we can do to pitch in. Preferably you're already doing this like I am....There's a lot of cool sites to read up on how you can help minimize excess and learn more about sustainability. For instance, Earth Day Network is a great way to start or Greenaholics. Another great site is called Green Is Sexy which my girlfriend Megan created with actress Rachel McAdams and Didi. This website provides tips and insight on what goes into being green.

I know it's easy to say "I don't have time to do that..." -- when, in reality, it only takes a few seconds to save and conserve. How hard is it to recycle? Unplug everything you don't use regularly...Turn off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth...Buy earth friendly products...Believe it or not, just one small step at a time and you are pitching in....You are making a difference.

Then there are the eBooks...you can download hundreds of books into your hand held reader to re-read again and again. I'm not saying to stop buying books, that's one of my guilty pleasures, but if you're not certain about a book that's out you might consider buying the eBook first. In fact, if you have print books and you have no need for them--donate or pass it on to your friends.

At this time I'd like point out one of my most environmentally conscious and earth loving friend--Eva Gale! The woman makes her own soaps and detergents for a few dollars! I kid you not. She amazes me with her continual efforts to practice and educate her family on this. Makes me real proud because she sets a good example. Thanks Eva!!!!

I'm not 100% practicing these good Eco habits but I definitely try on a regular basis. With time, my goals are to purchase a sustainable design home, get another hybrid vehicle, and spend more time practicing and learning about ways to help the environment. However, what I started investing in years ago was donating to organizations such as Tree People. There a plenty of local versions of this organization and they plant trees to replenish what we've lost. Tou can even volunteer to plant the trees in your area!

There are so many ways to help save the Earth...so why not start now? Baby steps.

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Kwana Says :
7:57 AM

Happy Earth Day a day Late.

Jax Cassidy Says :
12:18 PM

Better late than never...as long as you start doing some environmentally friendly acts this year...that's all that matters! :)

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