Talking about Characters

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Hey, I'm over at HOOKED talking about characters. I guess I was thinking about it when I was watching the series finale of ER. I also have seen SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, SEVEN POUNDS, and BOLT. All different movies, all with strong characters and that led me to my Monday post at Hooked On Romance.

PS. I'll get to those movies another day. :)

2 Responses to "Talking about Characters"

Louisa Edwards Says :
1:12 PM

You've been on such a good movie kick! I've been on a bad one: Role Models and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Jax Cassidy Says :
2:39 PM

I bet they were good for laughs. Mr. Right wants to watch How to Lose Friends and I keep shaking my head NO. I'm certain we'll wind up watching it and I'll most likely be cringing all through it. Stupid comedies makes me go crazy! LOL

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