Transition period

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Yep, sometimes it's good to move. I know, I just got here but if it's time, it's time. I must have 50+ boxes in the living room and I have a handful of office furniture. It's amazing all the crap I still keep and will have to go through when we get a permanent living space. I SO want an Eco-friendly, sustainable design feels like so far in the future but it's going to happen damnit! :) Yes, I'll buy my own land and build my dream home without those darn HOAs. When I do, I'm going to throw a kickass housewarming party!

Okay, so I'm really exhausted and I have 3 more days to pack. Mr. Right decided that we should take the afternoon off to go see UP! Finally!!!! I have been so excited about that Pixar flick. It's the kid in me! Also, we found movers and after weighing the costs, it's better than having to rent everything individually and relying on just the two of us to get all the boxes and furniture hauled out. Back-breaking work should be passed onto stronger, younger folks. I'm feeling too old and after all the packing and lifting, it's hard on my body....I know we should ask for help, but we don't like asking friends and don't want to put them out. It's one of those things...although I have to admit, my friend Mark and Eden Bradley basically helped me unpack and pack all my stuff in LA while I was at work-- YOU GUYS ROCK! And then there's my buddy Nikki Duncan who helped me move into this place the first go-around, bless you! Heck, I've been there where I've helped people move several times and they never reciprocated the favor...but when you don't have to ask and they just do, those are totally awesome folks! No wonder I love them so! :) Memories, good times.

Have you ever looked around and felt that you have so much more to do even though you packed up about 85% of your stuff? I'm going through that right now. I'm getting all anxious and nervous which is stupid but I'm hoping that when I'm out of here, I will find some relief. Everything's going into storage because who knows when I'll move into a more long-term home. I'm just glad we'll be in civilization again! I totally love that. I can be minimalistic and I think I'm going to try to focus all my energies the next few months to create awesome projects!

Okay, got to finish packing! Special THANKS to everyone who purchased SUNSWEPT! It really does make a difference! :) Spread the word. LOL

4 Responses to "Transition period"

Jeannie Lin Says :
1:21 PM

I hate packing! When I'm at the point where you seem to be now (the so close, yet so !@#%ing far feeling) I start looking around and thinking how much of this stuff would I miss if I just threw it all away?

Hang in there! Here's to a safe and smooth transition.

Jax Cassidy Says :
2:10 PM

Thanks Jeannie! I totally have had that cursing at the room moment, but thankfully it passed. I always have anxieties that moving day will be a nightmare. It's a phobia I've carried in every move I've made. I am just going to have to believe everything will work out! :)

Kwana Says :
6:05 PM

Hang in there these next next few days and weeks. It's tough but I know you'll make it through.

Dara Edmondson Says :
11:42 AM

I feel for you, Jax. Move is a four-letter word in my world! Focus on how nice it will be to be all moved in.

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