I'm back...at least physically

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Yes, conference always wears me out...in a good way. I'm feeling rejuvenated in terms of spurring my desire to write. It's so amazing what you take away from a conference and the memories that you'll carry with you. I loved hanging out with old friends and acquiring new ones. I love the feeling you get when you're surrounded by such accomplished authors. I mostly love that I am among good company. All these talented women are on the same journey and it's just an incredible feeling to know that, as writers, we are not alone.

I'm going to recap the conference but I need time to decompress. My mind and body is on overload...however, I'm blogging at HOOKED ON ROMANCE about the erotic market. During the Passionate Ink party, Laura Bradford of Bradford Literary Agency discussed the erotic market, compiled from information from the editors themselves...hope the info helps. Feel free to forward the LINK.

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Kwana Says :
10:08 AM

Welcome back. Thanks for the tweets and I look forward to your recap when you have some rest.

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