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What have I been up to, you ask? A heck of a lot, actually... I've been trying to catch up on web work since my trip. I've even spent way too many hours integrating my "old school" website into a WordPress and I've been obsessed with learning...shocking, I know! It's time I keep up with technology if I want to stay in the game and honestly, I wish I had put aside more time in the past to study all these things which would have saved me a lot of work. Well, now I know and I'm basically cramming info in order to get up to speed. The cons of the insatiable desire to learn is sleepless nights and plenty of caffeine pumping through my veins....gosh, I can fully admit I have issues. I guess I operate better when I am taken over by the weird obsessiveness. It absolutely thrills me and I find confidence in being able to succeed at the difficult tasks. Silly, but I kind of feel smart. I guess it's the inner geek in me and I've always embraced that. Now--if only I poured the same amount of hours into my writing, I would be a happy camper.

Believe it or not, I've created a writing log and I've decided to use the accountability method starting tomorrow. If I can force myself to produce 5 pages a day, I'll be done before I know it. It takes a good break to get you all revved up to write again. Yes, I've decided that I will get this proposal (which my agent is anxiously awaiting) within the next two weeks. It's going to be tough but it's now sink or swim time and I would love to hear news of some NY contract before the year is out. If I can only get the hot little pages into her eager hands! Through all the ups and downs of the past year, I must praise my agent who is the most amazing woman in the world! She's patient, kind, generous--the cheering crowd I need most during these crazy time. She's a great mentor and I truly, deeply respect her...but most of all, I love the fact that she believes in me and my work so I think that sealed the loyalty deal! Yep...I've got a lot riding on this project and so I must finally step away from everything else for a few weeks and focus, focus, focus....

On another dear friend Crystal has a new release. You should totally get it because she writes good stuff!

"Naughty or Nice" in Under the Covers anthology, by Crystal Jordan

Dayna Sharp has the perfect job, the perfect man…the perfect life. So why is the prospect of marrying Mr. Wonderful so perfectly boring? It’s a question Dayna can’t shake when she brings her fiance home to meet her spectacularly un-boring family–and finds herself pursued by a bad-boy bearing gifts that could burn a hole in more than her Christmas stocking…

Read an excerpt here!

Now I write!

4 Responses to "Design, Pimage, and More"

Kristen Painter Says :
8:22 AM

5 pages a day should be totally doable for you!

December Says :
3:39 PM

I wonder if there's some sort of gene that prompts the obession? I'm not OCD by any means, but when something fascinates me, I cannot STOP thinking about it, researching it, digging deep, asking everyone I know if they have any info. But its usually fun (to me) things. Travel is a big one.

Jax Cassidy Says :
7:43 PM

You have a point there, December. Maybe there is a switch because when I'm obsessive...I'm verra much so. When I'm lazy, it is hard to get me to do anything. :) I guess it's more of excitement about the things that fascinates us.

I'm with you on the travel. Can't get enough of it.

RKCharron Says :
12:52 PM

Hi Jax :)
Thank you for sharing.
All the best,

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