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I have a personal photographer. Chandler's my 15-year-old niece who is extremely talented! Every time I come home for a visit she does new headshots of me. This time around, it was rather rushed so I wasn't able to get all the shots we needed. Luckily, we found a swampy part in our neighborhood that was a great backdrop if I had attempted to do some gothic-type look. I think I had a dozen mosquito bites from that day and swelled up due to an allergic reaction. I was praying not to get some kind of foul disease because of those pesky bugs. Yes, I made it alive but it took a few days to heal. Anyway, I'm always impressed by how the younger generation is embracing their passions. All of her friends are SO talented and fashionable. It's amazing to see how savvy they are. Although Chandler is an artsy teenager, she's uber smart and she's been clocking college credits for an early graduation ever since I can remember. I love her drive, it reminds me of, well, me. :) We've always gotten along because of our creative streaks and I hope someday we'll get to work together on business ventures. Hopefully sooner than later...

Okay, out of all of the pics from that day shoot, these were the three I liked the most. I'm really picky about my smile, heck, with my entire expression and poses... When it came down to it, I think if I had fixed my hair and chosen a different wardrobe, I would have really liked them better but it's all trial and error. That's what I get for having her fix my hair. LOL

What do you think? Which one do you like best?

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Cambria Dillon Says :
11:40 AM

You're always a hottie Jax and your niece did an awesome job! I think my fave is #1.
This post sadly reminds me that I need to get new pics. The pic on my site is from *gasp* 3 years ago!

December Says :
11:54 AM

you know - I kind of like #2.
#1 is very stock author book photo (which is GREAT!)

but #2 makes me feel like we were just having a nice chat, and now we're going to get some coffee.
Very approachable.

Rosalind Stone Says :
11:56 AM

I agree with December for the exact reasons she gave, actually.

Flicka Holt Says :
12:01 PM

I agree with #2! It just makes me feel like I connect with you.

If I had been scrolling past several photos of people I'd have stopped if I'd come across that photo for that exact reason!

April Says :
12:06 PM

Hot.. HOt... HOT!!! That's fits Jax to a T. I like the second shot the best too.


Jax Cassidy Says :
12:09 PM

Thanks for the input. I liked #1 & #2 too. #3 is my more devious side. :)

*smoochies* for commenting.

Kristen Painter Says :
12:10 PM

I like the top one, but I don't like any of them better than the ones you already have. I think I'm missing that dark red lip.

Robin Says :
12:28 PM

Hi, Jax! Great pix! I like the first one, but #2 is good too. Chiming in a little late to also say I love your new website!

Thinking of ya!

Eden Bradley Says :
12:39 PM

You're always gorgeous, Jax! I love the second shot-you look thoughtful and a little mysterious.

Lillian Feisty Says :
12:50 PM

love the second one!

Victoria Janssen Says :
1:35 PM

I can't decide! They all look good.

Eva Gale Says :
1:40 PM

I love the second one.

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
1:49 PM

Like #2. But I;like you devious side as well Jax

Maria Geraci Says :
3:24 PM

#2. But you are so cute in all of them that I hate you;)

Jeannie Lin Says :
9:14 PM

Ugh..I hate mosquitos too! And of course, the LOVE me.

I like #2. The dreamy looking one. :)

Cia Leah Says :
10:21 PM

You are gorgeous in each of them, but I love #3. It shows your sassy side. :)

Love and hugs,


Faith Says :
1:58 PM

#1 or #2. I like the smile in #1, but #2 looks very 'authorly'... like you're lost in your imagination!

Ember Says :
7:45 PM

You're so beautiful! I love them all, I'd have a hard time picking between 1 and 2 though.

Leigh Royals Says :
9:58 PM

I like your second one...the serious look. But they are all so gorgeous!

Vivienne Westlake Says :
12:00 PM

I like #1 and #2. I do think there is something intriguing about #2 though.

Kwana Says :
4:05 PM

These are so beautiful. You looks fab and yes, you niece is so talented. I like #2 the best. What a subject you are!

Georgia Woods Says :
4:31 PM

I like #2 Jax - appears more welcoming and unposed.


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