Nothin' special going on...

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It was just another day. I didn't get much sleep last night and spent time editing my pages and adding a page and a half. I left the hospital around 1:00 PM and did some errands. Still doing renovations and can't believe I'm making such progress. In between lack of sleep, recovering from a cold daze, and all the manual labor...I'm doing pretty good.

I celebrated today 09.09.09 with lattes and leftovers in the fridge. For my big dinner at 8:00 PM I had drive-through chicken tenders and a coke that I took with me to the hospital. No going out and dressing all fancy--just trying to make it through another day. I know when I get back from the Sunshine State I'll be celebrating my belated B-day with Mr. Right. He's got something special planned and I will be able to sleep in for a few days. That is really going to be the best birthday present ever!

I'm definitely exhausted but starting to feel positive about my current project. Now all I have to do is be able to stay focused and awake long enough to write it. Truthfully, best case scenario is being able to doze off without the beeping of the monitor keeping me up! :) Okay folks, I'm going to wrap up the day by watching full episodes of Top Chef that I've been missing...and whatever else I can find online because I haven't had TV time in a long while...........I'm outtie.

4 Responses to "Nothin' special going on..."

December Says :
1:41 PM

its kind of sad, but that image of the caffeine drip made me drool a little.

Jax Cassidy Says :
6:14 PM

December, you are SO my friend for a reason. LOL

Jeannie Lin Says :
7:33 PM

Oh, I just LOVE spending a day catching up on Top Chef. I'll watch reruns too.

Happy b-day and happy trails!

Kelly Gay Says :
1:59 PM

Well, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!! :D

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