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It's funny how easy it is to lose momentum and then...motivation. I had to laugh at the text on the picture I posted.

I'm not a lazy person, honest! And I definitely care or else I wouldn't choose writing as a career. I guess I'm the type of person who wants to do too many things at once...which is the curse of an artist. I am currently trudging through this paranormal and as much as I love love it, I'm letting a lot of my fears and anxieties get to me. The market is tough right now and unless you've established yourself pre-economy dump, then you've got more to prove to the editors if you want a slot for 2010 and beyond. I've got a paranormal circulating and it's gotten a handful of rejections so far because it's not vampires or werewolves. It's too complex, it's not what they're looking for. Well, it makes an author's life difficult when they want you to go outside the box and do a storyline that isn't the typical and when you present it, they don't know what to do with it so they pass. It's about the sure deal, the sure reader pick and if our stories don't fall into what's hot right better hold onto that manuscript for when the trend swings another direction. Why am I rambling about this? Well, I've pretty much forgotten about that paranormal series because I know once I've got a product that will sell, I'll eventually get to pick that Project X back up again.

Right now, I'm putting on my fast draft hat because I've got a bet to win. As I was going through the storyline in my head and fleshing it out even more...I thought I'd start sharing some tips to get a writer going....I think I'm the only one so far in my Los Angeles chapter LARA that has ever finished writing a novel in two weeks so I still hold the record even though I'm no longer with them...that's why I'm going to share my secret with you...

1. Write as if your literary career depends on it. -- Basically, put yourself in a position where you give yourself a deadline. Maybe a month, maybe three but write without re-reading or editing. When you stop for the day, don't look back because tomorrow you're going to keep going from that stopping point. No peeking until you reach 'the end' because once you stop, you might as well forget finishing.
2. Leave out details and subplots. -- The point is that you want to write out the story so you shouldn't dwell too much on the details and subplots. You'll have time to fill in the holes during the editing process. I'm one of those authors who like to over-edit and can't seem to shut off but when I am able to, I've surpassed my writing goals. Your head will naturally write down the most important parts even if you don't realize it. The point is that if you dwell too much on the subplots you'll forget the writing part. It's okay to take notes on your notepad of things that need to change like inconsistency, new h/h names, or general things that must be included but don't let the notes make you lose the momentum.
3. Be realistic, be wise. -- Everyone's got a life whether you're a mother, have a day job, or going to school..but you have to pace yourself. Carve a little time out of each day and make yourself stick to it. Make it your 'career' and you know what office hours you want to keep. Don't make unrealistic goals like you're going to finish in a month when it will take you 6 months to a year to complete due to all those personal and outside obligations. Make wise choices and as much time as you can dedicate to writing is a step forward. Don't be discouraged because even if you write 1-5 pages a day, that's progress.
4. Believe in yourself. -- If you miss a work day or two, it's bound to happen. Don't be so hard on yourself because you can always make up for loss time. The important thing is to have faith in your writing and your abilities. If you don't believe in yourself or your writing, why write? Look, we all have those bad days but by allowing yourself to stay in that mindset isn't going to make you a better writer. It takes plenty of practice, plenty of rejections, and plenty of tough-love ahead to get you to that place you're finally comfortable with. I've written a little more than a handful of books and I still haven't reached that place. I know it takes time and if you really really want to be a writer--YOU HAVE TO WRITE!

Good luck! I'm heading back into the writing cave. Yes...I will stay off social networks for the next week....ok, at least I'll try. :)

8 Responses to "Motivation"

Kwana Says :
2:30 PM

Thanks so much for this post. You always inspire.

Katie Reus Says :
4:13 PM

Ha, I love the picture. The Office is one of my favorite movies :) Great post, Jax!

Kristen Painter Says :
4:38 PM

You're the least lazy person I know!

Ember Says :
9:38 PM

I love those tips. Thanks for sharing them!

Now back to work :P

RKCharron Says :
10:14 AM

Hi Jax :)
Thanks for the fun & informative post.
All the best,

Jeannie Lin Says :
8:30 AM

This is perfect. I'm getting ready to Fast Draft as well and this post has been very motivating! I know I can't write a novel in two weeks so I aim for about half a novel. :)

Number #1 is key for me: Write as if your literary career depends on it.

At one point, I actually had a motto over my desk that said "Write as if your life depended on it". Have fun in the writing cave. Remember to eat!

Robin Says :
10:53 AM

Great post, Jax. Thanks so much for the tips! I'm gung-ho on writing these next several weeks and your suggestions have added to my motivation. :)

Happy Writing!

Ember Says :
9:24 AM

SDid you finish yet? If not I hope you're getting real close to the end!

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