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You know how much trouble I get into when I think... Well, it's not just about writing all the time....

You see, I've always loved the entertainment industry and having the opportunity to work on movie sets with actors, producers, and directors...there are times I really really miss it. Sure I worked long hours but the fun was in pulling practical jokes on each other or finding silly things to do to stay awake. There was one Disney show where we tried to put a rubber duck in almost every scene...until we got caught and reprimanded. It was such a hoot. Or the time the Costumer renamed me "Donna" and everyone kept calling me that for the whole duration of filming--which was weeks. After a while, I actually started answering to that name when the director called for me.

Then there were some not so much fun times when I was a PA (production assistant). I hated the early AM calls and folks treating me like their very own personal work slave--but, most often, there were lots of amazing people and perks. All you can eat junk food, yummy catering, hanging with celebrities, learning the whole film making process...all the things you would never have had the opportunity to unless it was under these circumstances.

Growing up I did a lot of acting work, PA work, and audience work. What is audience work? Actors who get paid to fill space in a tv show audience...these range from pilot shows to pretty big talk shows. Yes, it's an awesome gig and you get a chance to hear some amazing live musical acts.

When I moved away from Hollywood, one of my dirty little secrets was browsing through entertainment forums and reading all the comments. I like to catch up on things I've missed. Let me tell you, people are downright vicious. I don't know why I read them but I did, even though they were a total time suck. Often they're pretty funny, scandalous, and oh-so ignorant! It made me realize that no matter what I read, there's always going to be that handful of people who hate themselves, hate their lives, hate everything--and they get a total adrenaline kick just being a**holes to make themselves feel better. Why do people do that?

C'mon folks, you don't have to comment hatefully just because you can.

Yeah, I quickly grew tired of all the controversy. It was starting to get to me and some threads just left a bitter taste in my mouth. I had to ask myself "why do you read them when they get you all riled up?"....what a great question! I know everyone is entitled to their own views about things but if these same hateful people, with so much passion and conviction about their beliefs, would apply all that emotion into something good...the world would be a better place. Hey, I used to be quick to shoot off my mouth (I sometimes still do) but with age, I've learned to curb my tongue. Thinking before I speak...or at least being as tactful as I can. It's gotten me out of a lot of situations that could have exploded and I'm thankful that I was able to take away from those situation some semblance of patience and maturity.

These days I spend a great deal of time thinking. Writing. Working. Planning. I supposed near the end of the year we all re-evaluate things, we all make some sort of resolution for the next year. If thinking helps us to step away from the sticky situations in our lives...I think it's a good thing. Less B.S. and more time to be creative.

On another note: I'm pleased to announce that I got my first official review for BRUSH STROKES at You Gotta Read! I totally adore them!

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December Says :
6:33 PM

congrats on the great review!

I have never been on the inside of the film or music industry, but for me, its (sort of, kind of, I'm a little embarrassed to admit,) fun to watch a train wreck of a celeb make bizarro choices.

I also love how out of touch with working class America advertisers can get. $300 for an economical clutch? Yeahhhh... no. That's half my mortgage. If I had that laying around, I'd have paid off my student loans by now. (but I'm kind of an idiot with Money, so I probably would somehow justify that clutch.)

But mostly I love the fashion. Shoes, purses, accessories, hair. delish.
Sorry for the ramble!

Marcia Colette Says :
7:37 PM

Sweet review, hon! With hot stories like that, NY won't know what hit them when your time comes. ;-)

I've never had any experience in the film industry, but the train wrecks never cease to amaze me. They make me wonder how jackasses can get paid millions of dollars while people with great common sense are still paid peanuts.

Jax Cassidy Says :
9:01 PM

Boy, do I have stories... However, I'm going to hold the details for my screenplays :) I've been working on and hope to sell next year.

December, I love all the 'glamour' aspect as well as the 'train wreck' lifestyle. I've been to some amazing Hollywood parties that were unbelievable in every sense. Being an assistant really had its perks.

Marcia, I totally hear you! Maybe I need to get back into the industry....maybe if I move back to LA!

RKCharron Says :
10:37 PM

Hi Jax :)
Thank you for sharing. I'm fascinated with the entertainment industry because it is so very far reaching and pervasive. I love learning the inner workings of things, be it hospitals, corporations, hollywood or publishing.
Congratulations on the great review!
Thank you again for sharing,
All the best,

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