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Once again I'm packing up and moving temporarily to my second home in Florida. I know my girlfriends are excited about my return, and I am too! It also means there will be less time for myself with family buzzing around but I'm going to be way too busy job hunting. The biggest change for me will be getting back into Corporate life and interacting with real live people again! In a crazy sort of way, I'm happy about it. I was starting to feel like my only friends were figments of my imagination. Trust me, I'll miss living in my pajamas and sock monkey slippers but my bank account will thank me. How else am I going to afford going to conferences and paying for membership dues? It adds up. That's not including my book buying addiction...

Besides, working from home has been awesome but I'm learning that I thrive most when I'm with people, just as much as some people thrive on drama. I need to keep my mind going, fueling my spirit, and I'm hoping it will get me to focus. When you're working a nine-to-five, you appreciate writing so much more. I'm actually looking forward to prettying up and straightening my curly mop of hair again. I want to slip on those strappy heels because they're too delicious to be lining the floors. When my wardrobe has mostly consisted of a dozen sweats and a handful of pajamas, you start feeling kind of unsexy. Yes, your heard it I'm going to change all that. With 2010 in the horizons, I'm going to get back on track physically and mentally...and then I'll be ready for NY and what's in store for me...

Just as the quote says...

I'm ready to live life again!

9 Responses to "Live Life"

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
6:27 PM

Can't wait to have you back in O-town Jax!

Kristen Painter Says :
9:20 PM

I'm sad you have to move again, but happy you'll be closer!

Jax Cassidy Says :
1:52 PM

I'm going to start living out of my suitcase so I don't have to pack again. I hate moving! Someday I will have to plant my roots....someday.

Abigail McKenley Says :
8:56 PM

Soooooooo happy to have you back in town Jax! Can't wait to see you!

Robin Says :
9:59 PM

Hey, Jax ~ sending warm wishes and hugs as you move again.

Kwana Says :
8:20 AM

Wonderful quote. Good luck with the move.

Katie Reus Says :
12:25 PM

Sorry you gotta move again, but it's cool you'll be back in Florida!

Jeannie Lin Says :
8:20 AM

I hear you on the wardrobe of sweats and PJs. (looks down at beloved UCLA sweatshirt)

Sounds like you're ready for a change, inside and out. It sucks to have to move again so quickly though. Good luck with the job hunt!

L.K. Campbell Says :
1:37 PM

Have a great time in Florida and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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