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Don't you hate that?

Yeah, I certainly do.

I feel like I've fallen into this big dark pit where creativity is just above ground and no matter what I do, I can't seem to find a way to climb up. Well, it's been like this for some time and there are moments when I think I've found a way out but only manage to skin my knee on my way tumbling down. Oh--believe me, it's not the storyline or the characters. Something I just can't seem to put a finger on...

Last night I saw a really wonderful documentary called By the People: The Election of Barack Obama. I thought it was a brilliant film that gave a lot of insight into "the" man and his family. It showed the softer side, the human side, the side that reveals that when you believe in yourself and your vision...the possibilities are endless. I think that people are placing too high of expectations for President Obama and he's doing the best job that he can given the circumstances. You can't snap your fingers and expect the world to automatically become perfect...especially trying to clean up eight years of messes created by someone else. It's absurd!

Okay, where is this leading? I'll tell you what really creases me...I was watching the View this morning (which I don't often do) and I totally wanted to smack Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She needs to get the boot from the show because she's totally the reason why I don't watch it anymore! Basically, she was doing what she does best--bitching about the crappy economy and the Prez. If you hadn't noticed she's loves hearing herself speak. She rambled on about how Obama hasn't fulfilled his promises, yada yada yada. Frankly, I feel it's people like her who is causing Americans to find fault in a newly appointed President. It's the reason why there is so much anger, mistrust, and lack of understanding. It's selfish, self-absorbed people like her who probably enjoys dividing the nation just because they have a forum to do it...

Trust me, I'm not often vocal about politics but after seeing such an amazing documentary and then seeing something so jarringly stupid, it makes you wonder why things fail. People like her have already set us up for failure when we should be supporting the one person that 'the people' elected. President Obama's win marked a huge milestone in this country and showed us that color really doesn't matter. His win took us by surprise and was utterly refreshing, historic, and one of the reasons why America is so great! Heck, I was teary-eyed when he won. Trust me, I didn't think I'd ever see something like this happen in my lifetime--and it gave me hope. Hope that times were changing and that we could all band together to stamp out outdated views of what an America should be.

Bottom line: It's still early. We need to have patience, we need to support our president and we need to remember that we will get through this. Can't you see it? The economy is getting better. Jobs are slowly opening and the stimulus is starting to make a difference but everything takes time. It's like planting seeds and expecting flowers to bloom when you blink your eyes. Nature/Life doesn't work that way. We have to nurture and wait and when we see the fruits of our labor, it's the best reward!

Enough politics--I know that everyone goes through their ups and downs but we should never lose focus on what we want to achieve. We should never quit working hard to reach our goals because when we reach that pinnacle of success, it will have been all worth it...but mostly, we'll appreciate it all the more.

Even now, when I'm buried in all this personal muck--I never lose sight of the endless possibilities ahead of me...

6 Responses to "Thoughts"

Heather Says :
4:15 PM

Well said, Jax! People like Hasselbeck, Cheney (when is he going to realize his 15 minutes are over and GO AWAY?), and Limbough are what make our country look bad, and I am so tired of them denegrating a president who inherited a huge mess and is doing the best he can. He's not Superman and, as you said, you can't expect miracles overnight.

Jax Cassidy Says :
6:36 PM

Thanks for visiting Heather!

I totally agree! If anyone were able to walk a mile in the President's shoes, they would change their tune. There's not a quick fix to get out of a Depression.

I'm still optimistic that sunny skies are in the horizon! :)

December Says :
6:38 PM

I agree with you Jax- especially about getting Hasselbeck off the View.
I like that they have different view points, and I appreciate a good, intelligent debate where people share ideas.

I just want another republican in there who won't act like such a knob.

Eva Gale Says :
6:40 PM

YOU posted about politics?


Jax Cassidy Says :
7:43 PM

December--I don't have a problem with her being a Republican--and I agree they need someone else in there who actually thinks before they speak. I'm just tired of her big mouth. Period.

Eva--yes, you caught me speaking politics...that says a lot, eh? I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer. LOL

Marcia Colette Says :
8:48 PM

Very true. One thing I can't stand about this whole thing is everyone who's against Obama is looking for a reason to say "I told you so." In case they haven't noticed, we're stuck with him for the next 3+ years whether we like it or not. The only thing we can do is make the best of it instead of complaining about it. Obama is just beginning his work, so like you said, the possibilities are endless. But then again, complaining is what people like Hasselbeck are good at and the main reason why they need to grow up and get over it. If she doesn't like the way things are or has a solution to make them better, then why doesn't she run for president? I don't see her throwing her hat into the ring. But then again, the only experience she had is whining on a national platform.

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