Ack! Ick!

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Nothing soothes a sore throat better than a spot o' tea with lemon...and lots of honey. I've been feeling my immune system starting to crap out. Although I've taken preventive measures, I think the yo-yo hot and cold weather has really screwed up my sinuses and everything else. It doesn't help that I don't sleep much and I'm up at the butt-crack of dawn to shuttle kiddies, run errands for the parents, and working my bum off on graphic projects--yeah, it does take its toll on the body--but I've decided I'm just going to stay in bed tomorrow and recuperate. I'm definitely going to be doing edits and then I'll start working on another sucknopsis before starting my proposals. Recently, I've been brainstorming with the nieces, boycrazy and indiechick, about which YA story I'll be writing and I think I found one. Originally I was going to re-work my paranormal YA but now I'm going to do a contemporary because they're a huge fan of Japanese teen angsty/romance anime and Korean dramedies. I caved in and told them I'd do a sort of rags-to-riches/Cinderella tale.

Right now I feel 50% certain I'll be going to RWA Nationals and hope things will work out so I can up the percentage...I had originally planned on attending some smaller conferences but a part of me felt sad about missing this particular one. I've been attending Nationals annually since joining RWA 5+ years ago. What sealed the deal was speaking to some friends of mine and realizing it's one of the few events I'd see all my friends in one place. Of course, I'm going to be penny pinching every day until then. I believe, on average, I've spent a little over $2,000 each time. This includes: registration, airfare, hotel, food & outings. Hey, I never said conferences were affordable, things certainly add up! That's why authors save for these events because it pays off in the long run. I've met amazing people and so many contacts with editors, agents, publishers, and especially readers. I love signing at the Literacy for Life event just so I can see my readers face-to-face. It's the most amazing experience. So even if I have to forgo getting a new pair of jeans or blingy, sexy stilettos, it's definitely worth it.

I am feeling the wave of weariness so I'm going to turn off the lights and hopefully get some peaceful shuteye. Yes, I need to recharge my batteries so I can have the energy to be productive.

Hope you're bundled up and keeping positive (and productive)!

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December Says :
10:31 PM

Rest up buttercup!
I really hope to see you at natls. I'm afraid to do the math on how much it costs. Sure, you could cut corners, but I've never been very good at that game.

Katie Reus Says :
11:05 AM

Hope you're feeling better soon! You're right, this yo-yo weather is ridiculous :(

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