Authors that should be added to your "Must Reads"

Author: Jax Cassidy // Category:
Liz Maverick :: Woman of many genres and superfly blog that'll keep you rolling on the floor... catch her books
:: Crimson City - July 2005
:: Card Sharks - November 2005
:: Adventures of an Ice Princess
:: The Shadow Runners
:: What a Girl Wants

Gena Showalter :: Woman of many vices and sexy as hell heros that'll make you want to add the extra spoon for her triple hot fudge brownie sundae ... catch her books
:: Awaken Me Darkly - Available Now
:: Heart of the Dragon - September 2005
:: The Stone Prince
:: Pleasure Slave

Special thanks to these two wonderful writers who are gracious enough to be our second round judges for Romance Divas Pitch Contest to help prepare our members for the Reno conference.

You gals ROCK!
What are you waiting for? Buy their books... :)

4 Responses to "Authors that should be added to your "Must Reads""

Liz Maverick Says :
3:58 PM

Oh, sweet! Thank you so much. (I am curious, though, about all of Gena's vices. Will have to ask her about that. Her picture looks so innocent.)

jax Says :
6:06 PM

She's admitted she's got a navel piercing, tattoos, chocolates, and bad boys! Don't let that sweet face fool you!

Gena Showalter Says :
7:43 AM

I have an innocent face, she thinks with an evil grin. How can I use this to my advantage, she wonders with a wicked twinkle in her eyes. Muhahahahhah....

jax Says :
10:11 AM

C'mon Gena, you're already taking over the romance writer's blogs with Awaken Me Darkly... don't tell me it's not some evil scheme you didn't conjure up with the help of your "innocent face"....

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