My beloved Cali

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When I first married my dh I was introduced to his family as well as a beautiful golden retriever named Cali. She had the sweetest face with those big brown eyes and such a loving demeanor. I remember how attached she was to me from the first moment I saw her. She use to lay her head on my lap and follow me wherever I went in the house. When it rained she'd sleep outside my door to make sure I was protected... Although she was only 9 years old, she will always be my baby and the only real pet I'd ever known. This morning, she passed away at the vet's office. She had been suffering for the past six months that we were told may be cancer.

Although it's hard to say goodbye.... Cali is gone, but will never be forgotten. May doggie heaven treat you like the princess you are!

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Lynn Daniels Says :
6:43 PM

{{{JAX}}} It's difficult to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

Bonnie Ferguson Says :
8:32 AM


Laura Says :
6:11 AM

((Jax)) Know that she's no longer suffering and is in doggy heaven.

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