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As my work load increases I realize my daydreaming does too. I'm at a busy corporate office and all I can think about is that beach house in Malibu, watching the sun go down as I overlook the beach on my deck. A pina colada in one hand as I soak in the view. Wouldn't life be so much easier if this was true?

So, during my lunch break I was watching VH1 and their little 30 minutes "The Fabulous Life Of.." and it so happens that there are a string of man-made islands constructed with the intention of being for sale. Yes, it's true. Not only are they beautifully constructed, the many islands form -- you guessed it -- the map of the world! Each island going for approximately $35 million. Can you believe it? "How would you like to join me on my island?" Yes, I aspire to buy one just so I can say those words. However, my thought is that wouldn't they fear natural disasters or watching the $35 million + island fall into the ocean. Well, they're going to be available in 2008! Imagine that!

Okay, I've been trying to ween off my Starbucks. I purchase a grande latte at least 6 days a week at $3.50 a piece. Now, that's $21 a week! Wow, couldn't I be spending it on something better? This addiction could be stuck in my piggy bank for next year's Nationals... better yet, a dream vacation. Alas, I am terribly stuck...

In other news, I've been working on my partials. As I was reading over my manuscript yesterday I almost had a seizure. Well, frankly, I realized when I re-wrote my Prologue I had changed another character's death scene. Yikes! I cried DISCREPANCY.. now I was good about it thought. I didn't scream too much and now I must do more re-writes.. My poor manuscript has dropped to 333 pages and I have to bulk it up from all the revisions!

C'est la vie!

7 Responses to "Daydreaming"

Eva Gale Says :
8:52 PM

No, I would never have guessed they were man made you goof. Who would insure that? Oy, I shudder to think. Did you know that Scorpicos was bought origionally for something like 65,000? Hello? I can buy me an island at that price. I wouldn't be able to afford it today, but hey-a gals gotta dream!

Your story will be FINE!!! Except for those underlined parts. Hee.

Lynn Daniels Says :
10:27 AM

Jax, I think they should just GIVE you one of those islands (along with a hefty supply of BTs to man it). I mean, don't they know you're a FABU DIVA?

If could be the site of the first Romance Divas Convention.

Good luck with that story!

jax Says :
11:26 AM

I will definitely buy an island! You kidding, it would be a writer's retreat!

Silma Says :
9:48 PM

Oh, I saw that islands-shaped-as-the-
world thing on VH1 and laughed my head off. I was wondering if Donald Trump was behind that idea. I guess there are other wackos out there. Maybe I'll do something similar, but the islands will have the shapes of famous political figures. Who wants one looking like Bush?

Laura Says :
6:35 AM

I see it now Jax...Diva Island!

jax Says :
4:22 PM

Yes, the Divas will take over the world!

Sela Carsen Says :
7:27 AM

With all the BTs running around, I guess we really could call it Fantasy Island! Nobody gets to run around yelling "De plane! De plane" though. I swear, if Sherice tries it, I'm gonna chuck her into a waterfall.

I hear you on weaning off the expensive coffees. I switched from my triple mochas to a more simple double cappucino. At the rate I'm going, though, I may be drinking water I bring from home!

Have fun with your daydreaming!

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