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I spent most of the morning carefully packaging my partials to agents. It may not matter to them how perfect I put them together, but it matters to me. So, I seal the envelopes and then stamped and dropped them at the post office. Two seconds after I let go of the packages I freaked.

Did I put enough stamps? Did I switch queries? Did I forget anything? Blah blah blah. My mind starts to go haywire. Mayday mayday...hath I messed up? Okay. I took a deep breath and in that moment I wanted a drag of a cigarette even though I don't smoke. Why does this happen?

I'm usually a confident, take charge person. I guess everyone has those brain freeze moments without the actual mind-numbing icees. Yes, it took me several hours to un-fret. Now I'm happy it's out the door and I have to push it far back in the back of my subconscious. OCD kicks in again...but I will prefer the ADD because then I'd be assured I'd forget. :P

Before I forget... Check out Romance Divas' SPOTLIGHT ON segment with CANDACE HAVENS. It's great! Then, buy her book CHARMED & DANGEROUS on September 6th!

3 Responses to "The next step"

Gena Showalter Says :
11:02 AM

Ohmygod, that always happens to me! I'll put something in the mail to my editor and then boom -- I freak about all kinds of things I could have done wrong.

I adored Charmed and Dangerous. It is a fabulous book!!! So, so good.

jax Says :
10:10 PM

Thank goodness I'm not the only one. Maybe it's a writer's thing! Can't wait to read it when the book comes out... Unless I steal the copy from Kristen!

Lynn Daniels Says :
2:35 PM

I can only imagine how much of a basket case I'll be the first time I send something out. As it is, I'll probably freak the moment I send my WE ALL WIN entry to Gina.

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